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::Justine & Chris:: Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

I have known Justine for several years now, her gorgeous face has made numerous appearances on my blog.  :)  To put it bluntly, I love this girl.  She and I became friends rather quickly, I have often referred to her as my muse, as she has inspired countless photo sessions, sometimes behind the camera and sometimes in front of it.  There are few people in this world like her and I feel so blessed just to know her and to call her my friend. When Justine & ChrisClick for more »

::Carisa & Shane:: Oregon Photographer

We recently got together with these two to do this session, as Shane was only days away from deployment.  I have known Shane since the 6th grade and can easily say that he has always been one of my favorite people.  :)  When we were in school, he and a few other friends would come over to play Uno with my grandma, which we always talk about whenever we see each other.  :)  Shane is a natural comedian, so you can guarantee that when you are around him, you will beClick for more »

::Tristine & Garrett:: Oregon Wedding Photographer | Ata Vista Farm

I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out everything I want to say and how I want to say it.  There is so much within me, bursting to come out, but as I sit here, I am struggling to put any of it into words… I come from a very tight-knit family, my cousins have always felt more like brothers to me- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have watched Garrett grow from an accident-prone boy with skinned up knees to an incredible, loving man.Click for more »

::Friday Mash-Up:: Senior Portrait Photographer for Girls

Is it really already Friday?  It doesn’t seem possible, yet here it is.  :)  This week we had a lot of killer stuff happening, which kept us on our toes.  We are so looking forward to the extended weekend, we hope you are all off to do something fabulous to celebrate the end of summer!  It’s bittersweet, isn’t it?  Though, I have to admit, my favorite season in Oregon is Autumn, so I always love this time of year as it transitions {not to mention theClick for more »

::Sierra:: Bend Senior Portrait Photographer

A gorgeous sunny day and a fabulous senior rep is the perfect blend of awesome for an amazing shoot!  Sierra is one of our senior reps who travelled over from Bend for her senior session.  We are so thrilled with the girls representing our business this year, they’ve really raised the bar and are already spreading the word about our company and referring their friends!  We have arranged some killer deals for our reps to offer, so if you’re interested inClick for more »

::Be Inspired:: An Interview with Wendy Cunningham

It’s been a few weeks since we have featured a fellow photographer & Showiteer, so we knew it was time to post another Be Inspired Interview.  :)  We have many more lined up with some fabulous & inspiring people- we can’t wait to share them all with you!  :)  These interviews mean so much to us, we honored that they share so much of themselves with us.  Today’s interview is with Wendy Cunningham, an amazing Wedding Photographer based out ofClick for more »

::Torie:: Bend Senior Portrait Photographer

We are so, so pumped about all of the big changes going on at Holli True Photography!  Sessions for fall are starting to fill in- if you want in on it, be sure to contact us now!  We have teamed up with the amazing Renee Tyburczy, a killer makeup artist who will totally beautify you for your senior pictures!  :)  We have been fortunate enough to have worked with Renee on several projects now and we cannot begin to tell you how amazing she is!  Be on the lookout soon forClick for more »

::The New Look of Holli True Photography:: Senior Portrait Photographer for Girls

Things have been changing for us at a rapid pace these past few months- this rings true even more so in the past week.  I received an email from my friend, Promise Tangeman, an amazing graphic & website designer/branding guru/all-around awesome girl, asking if I wanted to demo one of her new SiteHouse Style Groups {website} from her upcoming Fall 2011 line.  My immediate response was, “YES!!!!”  :)  As you all know, I use Showit for my website needs, IClick for more »

::Alyssa & Ryan:: Eugene Wedding Photographer | Private Residence

As our 2011 wedding season is nearing it’s end, I always have such a mix of emotions.  This past summer has been a complete whirlwind, there has been a great mix of chaos, laughter and tears, though one thing is certain- we have loved every single last minute of it.  We absolutely LOVE our job!  We have the greatest clients.  Ever.  Sharing in their love, being asked to be a part of their lives, to document and preserve one of the most important days of their lives, isClick for more »

::Trina & Yung:: Oregon Wedding Photographer | Pyrenees Vineyard

It was a picturesque day.  The sun was shining high in a cloudless blue sky down on the gorgeous Pyrenees Vineyard, where Yung & Trina would soon be announced as Husband & Wife.  There was an excited buzz everywhere we turned, everyone was smiling, all eagerly awaiting the day’s festivities to get underway.  Trina & Yung, both anxious to finally see one another, ready to vow their lives to each other. It’s undeniable how in love they are withClick for more »

::Posing & Lighting Workshop:: Portland Oregon | TNT Workshops

It was over 2 years ago, while working at the credit union, that I had a lengthy conversation with my dear friend, Justine.  The conversation was all about a vintage inspired photo shoot, complete with WWII aircraft, and how I was dying to make it happen.  I didn’t have access to planes, but I had a vision.  It was about a week or two later than Justine came to work with a huge smile on her face and the July 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar in her hands.  SheClick for more »

::Be Inspired Workshop Preview:: Portland, OR

So many awesome things are currently underway for the Portland Be Inspired Workshop happening at the end of this month!  With the expansion of our workshops, a new logo, site and schedule are being made!  We are so excited about this next venture- it’s going to be amazing!  Last week we went up to Portland to shoot a quick promo with John & Tonya Naccarato and Renee Tyburczy, our TNT Workshop family!  We will be launching the footage and images from the eventClick for more »

::Paige:: Salem Senior Portrait Photographer

We feel so fortunate to have so many amazing senior reps this year!  :)  We have had so much fun doing rep sessions, getting to know our team of girls better.  It’s going to be such an amazing year!  August sessions are filling in and we are now booking for September and October!  Contact us now to schedule your session and get in on our killer August promo! We recently did a shoot with one of our Salem area reps, Paige.  She is such a sweet girl and so much funClick for more »

::Be Inspired:: An Interview with Keith Powell

We took a little mini hiatus from the Be Inspired Interviews due to our hectic schedule through July.  It was quite a whirlwind, but we loved every single second of it!  :)  We are more excited than ever to have the interviews back in full swing!  The Be Inspired Interviews spotlight other photographers from all over the world who share 2 (or more) things in common with us: They are passionate about photography & They are Showiteers. Now, I get asked all the timeClick for more »

::2 for 1 Senior Portrait Special:: Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior sessions are filling in for August & September and we are so excited!  Although the end of summer is in sight, we absolutely LOVE this time of year.  So many girls prefer to do their senior session during the summer so they have the chance to show off their killer tan and sun-kissed highlights.  Now is the perfect time to book your session before the inevitable rain decides to make it’s way back to Oregon.  :)  To celebrate the last month of summer, weClick for more »