::Be Inspired:: An Interview with Keith Powell

We took a little mini hiatus from the Be Inspired Interviews due to our hectic schedule through July.  It was quite a whirlwind, but we loved every single second of it!  :)  We are more excited than ever to have the interviews back in full swing!  The Be Inspired Interviews spotlight other photographers from all over the world who share 2 (or more) things in common with us: They are passionate about photography & They are Showiteers. Now, I get asked all the timeClick for more »

::2 for 1 Senior Portrait Special:: Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior sessions are filling in for August & September and we are so excited!  Although the end of summer is in sight, we absolutely LOVE this time of year.  So many girls prefer to do their senior session during the summer so they have the chance to show off their killer tan and sun-kissed highlights.  Now is the perfect time to book your session before the inevitable rain decides to make it’s way back to Oregon.  :)  To celebrate the last month of summer, weClick for more »

::Ashley & Daniel:: Eugene Wedding Photographer | Shadow Hills Country Club

Rain was in the forecast.  And judging from the black clouds that had swallowed up the once blue sky, it appeared inevitable.  But Ashley & Daniel weren’t about to let it get them down.  They took it in stride, always with a smile, because that’s just how Ashley & Daniel are, easy going, always smiling.  :)  But, aside from one quick little shower, it didn’t rain.  I believe it was a testament to their love, that no one, not even Mother Nature,Click for more »

::Leah & Jeremiah:: Eugene Wedding Photographer

I have known Jeremiah for several years now, we worked at the credit union together and outside of work, we happen play in the same Fantasy Football league.  :)  (I am the only girl in the league, which I think is pretty rad!)  When I heard that Jeremiah was getting married, I was so excited for him and his future bride- when they came to us about being the photographers, we were absolutely thrilled!  We love sharing in our clients love and celebrating their marriageClick for more »

::Sara:: Salem Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s been a very crazy- but awesome- July!  We’ve had several weddings, senior sessions and lots of workshop planning going on here!  I’ve neglected the blog a little, which always makes me sad, but now that we have a little break between weddings, we are getting all of our posts lined up and ready to be published- so be on the look out for lots of blog-goodness!  :) I had so much fun on Sara’s session recently in one of my favorite places toClick for more »

::Lensbaby:: Portland Senior Portrait Photographer

Since early Spring of this year, we have been working with the amazing crew over at Lensbaby.  I can’t tell you how much we absolutely LOVE their products, as well as the amazing people who work there!  When they approached me about being one of their affiliate photographers with my senior pictures, I was over the moon with excitement.  Lensbaby lenses are the perfect compliment to our style of senior portraits.  :)  They add a unique effect to our images, givingClick for more »

::Trina & Yung:: Oregon Engagement Photographer

There are no words to describe how much Jeff and I truly love what we do.  We say it all the time, not because it sounds good.  We say it because we feel it.  We LOVE our clients.  We love that they allow us to share in their love, their wedding day, their memories, their lives.  They don’t just allow us to peek through the windows, they invite us in and greet us with hugs.  Our clients are more than just clients to us, they become our friends and we absolutelyClick for more »

::Be Inspired Workshop:: Portland Oregon Posing & Lighting Workshop

I am a believer of fate.  It was about a year ago that I sat my computer scribbling pages of notes, trying to come up with a workshop concept.  A workshop that I wanted to teach.  Fast-forward to May 2011 and I was girl, standing before a room of photographers, living my dream.  There were no words to describe the amount of happiness I felt during those two days, it is a feeling that will live within me for the rest of my life.  That is the same feeling I feel right nowClick for more »

::Ashley:: Bend Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s an exciting time for Jeff and I with Holli True Photography right now.  Big changes are happening and it’s truly so amazing to be a part of it.  To watch a small idea grow to be a concept, into a reality…  there are no real words to describe the feelings I have, other than pure joy and excitement.  :)  We are getting ready to spill the beans on what we’ve been working on, be sure to check back tomorrow, as we will be announcing it here, onClick for more »

::Giveaway:: Luxury Stationery from Flamboyant Designs

You look forward to your high school years and finally your senior year is just around the corner. At the end of your junior year you are thinking about senior pictures and planning a graduation party to commemorate this time in your life inviting your family from near and far. What better way to do that than to kick off the celebration with Flamboyant Designs’ new line of graduation announcements. (Custom designs can be requested also.) Flamboyant Designs isClick for more »

::Workshop Registration Special:: Wedding & Senior Portrait Photographer

When I was a young girl there were 3 things I said I would be when I grew up: An artist. A writer.  A teacher.  If you ask anyone in my family, they will assure you that this is 100% correct.  Of course, when we are young, we are dreamers.  How often is it that we fulfill our life ambitions?  Why is it that reality often robs us of the things we are passionate about, forcing us to live a life that is less than everything we ever hoped, dreamed and prayed it would be? IClick for more »

::This is Holli True Photography:: Oregon Senior Portrait Photographers

A couple months ago, Jeff and I were fortunate enough to work with the uber-talented Eugene & Heather of 2Duce2 Films. It’s so vital to incorporate video elements into your website, as it gives your clients a window into what their experience with you will be like. When we decided to proceed on this project of having a promo video made, we knew we had to work with Eugene & Heather, because we wanted more than a documentary, we wanted something young,Click for more »

::Announcements & Giveaway:: Oregon Senior Portrait & Wedding Photographer

That’s right everybody!  The Be Inspired Workshop has been completely revamped!  You suggested it and we listened!  :)  Now there will be more focus on posing, interaction and of course, inspiration.  And we are absolutely THRILLED about it- we hope you are, too!  The website has been updated to reflect these changes, however, if you have any questions- please don’t hesitate to ask. For the giveaway, to enter, it’s very simple!  Here’s what youClick for more »

::Be Inspired:: An Interview with Gabriel Ryan

Hello readers!  :)  I hope all of you had an amazing 4th of July with the ones you love!  I spent my holiday at my grandma’s house with family, which was absolutely perfect.  Sunshine, BBQ, games, fireworks…  So much fun!  Today I still feel exhausted- how about you?  I’d love to hear about how you spent your holiday weekend- tell me all about it! When we were in Vegas this past February at WPPI, on a fateful elevator ride, I met Gabriel and hisClick for more »

::Robin & Adrian:: Salem Wedding Engagement Photographer

With the Holiday weekend in full swing, I hope you and yours are finding a way to celebrate it together!  I absolutely love The 4th of July, it’s generally the real kick off to summer, at least it is here in Oregon.  :)  We spend our weekend at my grandma’s playing cards and dice, eating lots of BBQ and ice cream and enjoying the sunshine in her gorgeous backyard.  Of course, we also enjoy the gorgeous fireworks, which always makes me feel like a little kidClick for more »