Rachael | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

In a post last week, I talked a little bit about the two day Be Inspired Workshop we hosted in Portland, Oregon.  It was about this time last year that we were gearing up to host our very first workshop, it was a scary, exciting, emotional time for me.  It’s funny because, even though we have now hosted several workshops, I still get the same scary, exciting, emotional butterflies fluttering in my tummy right before we dive into another workshop.  :) We are soClick for more »

Photoshop Actions Before & After | Kubota Imaging Tools

We have received several emails from photographers inquiring about our post-processing, curious if we outsource and what Photoshop Actions we use.  Because of this, I decided it was the perfect time to do a Before & After post and divulge our editing process. We outsource all of our RAW editing to our personal editor.  She currently isn’t accepting new clients, so to keep her from being bombarded with inquiries, I’ve decided not to list her name.  WhileClick for more »

Kasse | Portland Senior Portrait Photographer

Last month I had the opportunity to spend two full days with an amazing group of photographers from all over the country for our Be Inspired Workshop.  I’ve been sitting here for the better half of an hour, reminiscing about the conversations, the friendships, the laughter and the tears.  I am completely overcome with emotion, unable to believe how blessed I truly am. You see, I am living my dream.  Out loud.  And I am loving every single second of it.  :)Click for more »

The Seniorologie Tour is Coming to California | Senior Portrait Workshop

Did you hear?  The second stop of the Seniorologie Tour will be July 15-17,2012 in Huntington Beach, California!  Due to everyone’s schedules, the speaker lineup for California is slightly different than Atlanta.  For this stop the speakers are Michelle Moore, Courtney DeLaura & Me!  :) I am beyond thrilled to stand beside these ladies and spend three days with YOU!  Trust me, this workshop is going to sell out quickly and you don’t want to miss it!Click for more »

McKynzie | {the essentials} 1-on-1 Workshop

Earlier this week you may have seen Monique’s session posted from {the essentials} 1-on-1 Workshop I recently did with a wonderful photographer, Shirley.  If you aren’t familiar with our 1-on-1 Workshops, you can read a little more about it here.  Having already written a little bit about the process in a previous post, I won’t elaborate too much on what {the essentials} is all about.  However, I will say that I do love the process of the 1-on-1Click for more »

Body Language | The Pose Book

Body Language is a Pose Book filled with posing techniques, tips & tricks. If you are looking to add more posing options to your arsenal or if you want to take your posing to new levels, Body Language is just for you! This 80+ page book covers everything from how we pose and why we choose specific poses for certain body types, locations and clothing. We will also explain how we photograph each pose to give us a variety of images and discuss how subtle changes canClick for more »

Monique | {the essentials} 1-on-1 Workshop

I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer, Shirley Matz, who travelled down to Eugene for {the essentials} 1-on-1 Workshop with me.  I have been fortunate enough to do a few of these intimate workshops with fellow photographers and absolutely love the experience.  It is such a personal environment and allows us to really connect with one another and focus 100% on key areas within their business. During {the essentials}, we focus a lot of timeClick for more »

2013 Senior Models Wanted | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer for Girls

The model search is on!  We are looking for a team of fabulous girls to represent us and be the Face of Holli True.  As a Senior Model, you will be invited to our all-day editorial inspired photo shoot, where you will receive the model treatment complete with hair & makeup.  After the shoot, you will be provided with FB images, a custom Timeline Cover and a personalized Senior Model Site! Are you ready to earn some killer goods- we’re not just talkingClick for more »

To My Best Friend

I could write you a novel worth of words to tell you how much I love you.  But you know it without me having to even say it. Sometimes I’m convinced you know me better than I know myself because you are such a part of me.   You are the words I speak, the air I breathe and the vision my eyes see.  You are my photo ninja, my partner in crime, my trusty side-kick.  You are my husband, my best friend, the best daddy in the whole world.  You are our everything. HappyClick for more »

Introducing Fragments | Photography Mentoring with Holli True

It’s no secret that I love to teach and share what I know with other photographers.  When I started in this business I was faced with closed doors and no opportunity to connect with other photographers.  It was a very isolating experience and it was difficult for me.  When I decided to offer mentoring to other photographers, I knew that I wanted to create something unique and welcoming.  I wanted to create something where we could all get real and trust eachClick for more »

Be Inspired Senior Portrait Workshop | Lake Oswego, Oregon

We are so excited to announce we will be back in the Portland area for a Be Inspired Senior Portrait Workshop in May 2012!  This time we are heading to Lake Oswego, a gorgeous town just begging to be photographed!  This time around not only will be be doing two days of shooting, we are upping our game and having the sessions styled!  You don’t want to miss it!  Space is limited to fifteen attendees.  As of now, this is the last workshop we have planned in theClick for more »

Kenzie | Simplicity Concept Shoot | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

If you are at all familiar with my blog, you’ve probably seen pictures from our Simplicity Concept Shoot we did late last fall.  Simplicity is a concept that I absolutely fell in love with and knew I had to make come to life!  The motto was Simple & Clean.  We did the entire shoot in a studio on a clean, white backdrop.  No fuss, no props, no bold colors.  All emphasis was kept on the posing and the connection with our gorgeous models.  It was such an amazingClick for more »

Be in the know | Young & Free Newsletter

That’s right!  The time has come!  The Young & Free Newsletter is here!  :)  This Newsletter is geared toward Photographers who want an all-access pass into our world.  Want to be the first to know about our upcoming Workshops, Fragments Online Mentoring Classes, speaking events, etc?  If you answered yes, be sure to sign up today! We are announcing our next Workshop event later this week- if you want to secure your seat early, don’t miss out!   Sign upClick for more »

Kayla | Simplicity Concept Shoot | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

When I was putting together the concept for Simplicity, I knew I had to call upon one of my favorite girls to work with, Kayla.  This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with her and loved every single second of it- so I was quite eager to get her back in front of my camera again!  :)  I loved my first shoot with her, but can I just say that the second time around knocked my socks off! Simplicity is a concept that I fell in love with several months ago.Click for more »

I am a dreamer | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

This past weekend, like so many other photographers, I spent hours on end watching the ever amazing Sue Bryce kill it on CreativeLIVE.  As I listened to her share her savvy business knowledge and admirable beliefs, I sat there thinking to myself, “She’s talking to me right now… She is so talking to me!”  She reminded me of something I had forgotten about myself, only I hadn’t realized it until she said the words. You see, dear internet, IClick for more »