Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Corvallis Class of 2015 high school senior, Rachel, in Eugene, Oregon in the country

Rachel | Corvallis Senior Photography

Class of 2016, we are looking for YOU! We are currently accepting applications for our elite Senior Model Team who will represent HTP in a beautiful way! As a Senior Model, you will be added to our elite VIP Crew, which will gain you access to exclusive photo shoots and gorgeous campaigns! You will be the face of our company, with the opportunity to be awarded Miss Young & Free 2016! Be sure to read all of the details and apply today! Current seniors, as you know,Click for more »

Evoke Workshop with Holli True | April 22 & 23, 2015 in Houston, TX

2015 Evoke Workshop | Houston

EVOKE WORKSHOP | a 2 day photography event with Holli True [ESSENTIAL DETAILS] Location: Houston, TX When: April 22 & 23, 2015 Workshop Investment: $950 Early Bird Rate: $850(rate valid for 1 week, after registration opens) Seats Limited: Maximum of 12 attendees per workshop, to ensure a personal, hands-on learning experience [THE LOW-DOWN] The Evoke Workshop is two full days of learning, sharing and growing, designed for senior portrait photographers looking toClick for more »

Krysten | Portland, Oregon Senior Photography

It’s blowing my mind that January is almost behind us already. We’ve had quite an exciting and chaotic start to 2015 and it appears it will only be getting more and more crazy. But, it’s the good kind of crazy, so you won’t hear me complaining. ;) Last week, we announced Indianapolis as one of the locations for our 2015 Evoke Workshops. (The Early Bird Rate is in effect through January 31st- don’t miss it!) I am so excited to announce thatClick for more »

2015 Evoke Workshops with Holli True

2015 Evoke Workshop | Indianapolis

EVOKE WORKSHOP | a 2 day photography event with Holli True [ESSENTIAL DETAILS] Location: Indianapolis, IN When: July 9 & 10, 2o15 Workshop Investment: $950 Early Bird Rate: $850(rate valid for 1 week, after registration opens) Seats Limited: Maximum of 12 attendees per workshop, to ensure a personal, hands-on learning experience [THE LOW-DOWN] The Evoke Workshop is two full days of learning, sharing and growing, designed for senior portrait photographers lookingClick for more »

The Beauty of Simplicity by Holli True | Clickin Moms Breakout Session

The reviews are in for The Beauty of Simplicity

Two weeks ago, I was a nervous wreck. It was the day before Clickin Moms was to release my Breakout Session: The Beauty of Simplicity. After months and months of prepping, creating, filming, writing, compiling, designing and planning, there was nothing left for me to do but sit and wait. And out of ALL of those tasks- the sitting and waiting was probably the toughest part for me. The Beauty of Simplicity is an inside-look at how I work with a client during a session.Click for more »

Reader Review for Reckless by Sarah | Holli True Author

Sarah shared her review for RECKLESS on Goodreads and it absolutely made my day! There is no greater feeling in the world than having someone love something that you poured your heart and soul into. Sarah, thank you so, so much for your review and for loving Hailey & Jonah as much as I do! ;) This is how you do a new adult book, I am utterly floored at just how enjoyable it was and by how much I’ve fallen for this story. I’m often a little dubiousClick for more »

2015 Workshop Announcement

2015 has started off with a BANG for us here at HTP Headquarters! With the release of my Breakout Session, The Beauty of Simplicity, with Clickin Moms and the Evoke Mentorship kicking off next month, I am so, so pumped to fill you all in on another big announcement! There have been a number of you asking to host a workshop in your town, which has been so incredible. And I want you all to know that I’m listening. Due to the number of requests I’ve received,Click for more »

Let’s Chat About: It’s a big industry, do you have a community?

I think one of the toughest things about being a full-time photographer is how isolating it can be. To be totally honest, 75% of my time doesn’t even involve holding a camera- it’s spent in my home office, alone. Editing, blogging, uploading, emailing, branding, marketing… the list goes on and on. If I don’t have music on or a load of laundry going, my house is eerily silent. And that silence is sometimes deafening. Now, before you think this isClick for more »

Evoke Mentorship | February 2015

E V O K E  |  T H E   M E N T O R S H I P THE LOW-DOWN I was met with a lot of closed doors when I entered into the world of photography. It was a frustrating and deflating process and on more than one occasion, I considered calling it quits. I feared that I didn’t have what it was going to take to make it in the industry. And then I met someone who changed the course of my business and showed me it didn’t have to be that way. This person took the time toClick for more »

CM Breakout Session with Holli True | The Beauty of Simplicity | NOW AVAILABLE

The Beauty of Simplicity | Clickin Moms Breakout Session

I’ve pinched myself at least a dozen times today. You know, just to make sure I’m not dreaming. Because that’s exactly what it feels like right now, like I’m dreaming. When I submitted a proposal to Clickin Moms for a potential Breakout Session, I held my breath as I pressed the send button. I refused to get my hopes up, knowing it was a long shot. After all, they only release a limited number of Breakouts each year. In fact, I didn’t evenClick for more »

Ali | Bend, Oregon Senior Photography

I hope you all haven’t given up on me or my blog. I promise, I’m still here. ;) December came and pretty much kicked my rear. No joke. It basically passed by in a blur. I tackled one of the biggest projects of my life, which was both utterly terrifying and beyond exciting! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen the announcement, for those of you who don’t, I’m thrilled to announce that this month I have teamed up withClick for more »

McKenzie | Oregon Senior Photography

For those of you living in the Northwest, you’re familiar with the massive storms that have decided to invade this week. Mother Nature is as relentless as ever with her crazy winds and buckets of rain. And while, as a photographer, I should be hating what I’m seeing outside my window, the writer in me is loving every single second of the storm. What can I say? I’m an Oregon Girl and I LOVE the rain! ;) Stay safe, friends! It’s going to be wildClick for more »

Eugene, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2015 Portland, Oregon Senior, Victoria

Victoria | Oregon Senior Photography

I am up to my neck working on fun and fabulous project set to launch NEXT MONTH! It’s been long days and sleepless nights spent working away in Photoshop, InDesign and Final Cut Pro. I am so, so excited to let you all in on the secret, but I can’t just yet. But soon, I promise! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as we will be announcing our big secret in the very near future! I had the best of intentions of sharing this session sooner, but lifeClick for more »

Templates for Photographers: Chic Signature 16x16 Template Set from Shop Holli True

Templates for Photographers: Chic Signature

I am so excited to announce a new product has been added to Shop Holli True: The Chic Signature 16×16 Template Set! Chic Signature is a collection of 6 templates that can be used to design Canvas, Metal or Mounted Prints. The template designs are sleek and clean, which give them a timeless look. These templates were created using Photoshop Layers and Clipping Masks, this gives you ultimate control over the end product, as you can customize and tweak the designsClick for more »

Evoke Online Mentoring with Holli True

Online Photography Mentoring | Winter 2014

It’s that time of year again! And I have to say, I am so excited! With Winter knocking on the door, that means it’s time to bring back Evoke Online Mentoring! This is my fourth year offering online mentoring courses to photographers! Over the years, it has been such an honor to help them grow their businesses, define their style and brands, as well as assist them in creating and achieving goals. Mentoring allows us to dig deep into your business and focusClick for more »