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Something pretty major happened last Thursday- if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably have already heard, but just in case you don’t, this is for you- I WROTE MY NOVEL!! 11 days BEFORE my original goal, which also happens to be my Birthday. Needless to say, I have pretty much been on Cloud 9 ever since because this has been my dream since I was just a little girl. There are a ton of exciting things happening behind the scenes with Reckless (myClick for more »

June 2014 Photography Workshop | Holli True Workshops

This past weekend we wrapped the very first Holli True Workshop for 2014! And let me tell you, it was so much fun! I always get a little nervous about the weather here in Oregon, in the Spring. But we managed to stay dry and even had abundant sunshine for one of the shoots, so we totally lucked out! ;) Posing is a huge element to what I teach- but knowing angles and perspective isn’t the only element to a successful shot. There are several things to dial in,Click for more »

All True Elements PDF Photography Guides are ON SALE NOW!

All True Elements PDF Photography Guides ON SALE!

Happy May Day! Did you know that May is my birthday month? Yes in deedy, it is! To celebrate my love for this fabulous month and my love for all the beauty that Spring brings to my life, I have listed ALL of my True Elements PDF Photography Guides ON SALE! BUSINESS ESSENTIALS | Marketing, Branding, Pricing, Points of Contact, Social Media & More POSING, LIGHTING & POST-PROCESSING | 5-in-1 Posing, Tips & Tricks, Technique & More SENIOR REP & REFERRALClick for more »

High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True of Eugene, Oregon photographs Class of 2014 senior, Braeden at Mt. Pisgah.

Braeden | Senior Portrait Session

Summer is just around the corner- can you feel it? This week in Oregon we are finally getting our very first glimpse of it in months, needless to say, us Oregonians are pretty excited for all of the sunshine headed our way! Keeping that in mind, Class of 2015, right now is the perfect time to start thinking about booking your senior portrait session with Holli True Photography! We have a limited number of sessions available each month, so don’t wait! We only haveClick for more »

I am an Author

Immense joy. That’s the feeling that consumes my heart and soul when I talk about my life as an aspiring writer. Only, I don’t know that I like to refer to it as “aspiring” anymore. Because I am a writer. Plain and simple. I think a better definition would be: a writer who’s aspiring to have her novels read. Yeah. That sounds more like it. Yes, it is true that I have been pretty much consumed in my novel these days. You see, I kinda set aClick for more »

My Family | Holli True Blog

Uh… Where did you go?

Oh yes. The question I have been faced with multiple times over the past 3-4 weeks: “Where did you go?” My response? “Nowhere. I’ve been right here.” Although, from the looks of things on social media and this blog, it would seem as though I had fallen off the face of the Earth. Right? Well, I guess when it comes to that world, I kinda did. But for my little world, you know, the one involving my family, home and day-to-day life, I’veClick for more »

Reckless by Holli True When love is no longer hinged on a choice, #recklessnovel #haileyandjonah #hollitrueauthor

Feeling Reckless

When I was a little girl, I made a declaration.  I was quite young, sitting at the table with my dad, learning how to write my name. The simple act of pressing the pencil to the paper and formulating a word out of lines and curves fascinated me.  I turned to my dad with excitement and said, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a writer!”  Of course, at that time, I had no idea what that even really meant. But, as young as I was, I recognized how happy andClick for more »

Model Call | March 2014

It would appear that Spring, in all her gorgeousness, is stepping into Oregon and making her glorious presence known. Yesterday, while walking to the park with my hubby and kiddos, I couldn’t stop obsessing over all of the incredible colors in bloom. Once a year, the cherry blossoms taunt me, just begging to be photographed and every year I vow to honor their beauty with a session. And so, this year, I am doing just that. Each year I plan a limited number ofClick for more »

Is it better to blog for your business or use facebook?

Let’s Chat About: Blog or Facebook?

To Blog or Facebook? That is the question. At least it was the most-asked question I received last week at WPPI. I have my opinion, but of course, it’s just that- an opinion. Depending on who you talk to and the level of success they’ve had by utilizing one or the other, the opinions vary. As someone who uses both platforms, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had success with both outlets. I have seen firsthand the benefits of both. And while I willClick for more »

Holli True Workshops | No Portraiture needed

No Airbrush Needed

They’re seventeen years old. Young. Gorgeous. Full of hopes and dreams. In their youthful prime. In Drew Barrymore’s perfect words from the movie Never Been Kissed, “the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen close up.” Though, more often than not, they don’t see it in themselves. I recognized this early on in my business, which is one of the things that inspired me most to specialize in teen girls. If they could just see themselvesClick for more »

Senior Portrait Photography Workshop May 2014 with Holli True in Oregon

May 2014 Senior Photography Workshop | Be Inspired Workshop

Feeling lost? Uninspired? In a constant state of limbo- knowing what you want, but unsure of how to make it happen? Ready to give up and throw in the towel? Yup. I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there, too. It was not only frustrating, it was heartbreaking and absolutely exhausting. But I’m here to tell you, don’t give up. You want this and I want to be your mentor and cheerleader to help you make it happen. Submerge yourself in two fullClick for more »

True Elements: Rep & Referral Programs PDF Guide by Holli True

True Elements: Rep & Referral Program PRESALE

This may very well be the most anticipated release of True Elements to date.  Since hinting about the Rep & Referral Program Guide, I have received tons of emails and messages about it, which has been so incredible!  It was the kick in the rear I needed to get down to work and make this installment happen- so thank you so much to all of you for keeping me on track and inspired to bring it to life. I became a Senior Portrait Specialist pretty early in my career,Click for more »

Eugene, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer for the Young & Free, Holli True, photographs Class of 2014 high school senior, McKenzie in natural light.

McKenzie | Class of 2014 | Eugene Oregon Senior Photography

I had the best of intentions. I really did. I sat down last week and I wrote out my blog calendar for the remainder of February and most of March, filling Monday-Friday with witty topics, sessions and announcements. And now, here it is Thursday, nine days later, and I only have two blog posts to show for it.  Fail… Try as I might, I seem to be struggling with maintaining my blog these days. Why? I really have no idea.  But it is very frustrating for me, as I LOVEClick for more »

Evoke Mentoring with Holli True | 1-on-1 Workshop

Turning a New Leaf | Workshop Announcement

When I began my journey with photography, it was with one goal in mind: to turn my passionate hobby into a full-fledged, thriving business.  This was my only focus.  I lived and breathed photography, craving the life of a full-time photographer.  Everything I did, every plan I put into action, every step I took was with that one destination in mind.  In 2010, it happened, I left my full-time job for good and my dream came true! But then, soon after, somethingClick for more »

Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2014 high school senior, Grace, in the snow in Eugene.

Grace | Class of 2014 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

So, I kinda fell off the face of the Earth last week.  In a nutshell, life got crazy and continued to compile and build and take over my brain and my life… I’m sure you’ve been there before.  Whenever that happens to me, the only way I can stay sane and in control is to simply unplug and recenter.  And so, that’s exactly what I did.  :)  I took an unexpected mental vacation.  Let me tell you, I am so happy I did.  Just having that couple of days offClick for more »