Danni | Oregon Senior Photography

Every year, about this time, I get this crazy urge to start revamping my website and blog. It’s almost like clockwork. A fall thing. I can’t really explain why, it just sort of happens. At the most inconvenient time- when I’m slammed with edits, shoots and fall sports for my kiddos. ;) Can anyone out there feel my pain? I’m literally doing everything I can right now to not wipe my site out and start over. Somebody please stop me beforeClick for more »

Ashlie | Oregon Senior Photography

Is it really true that October is basically here? Already? I mean, I’m pretty sure I blinked once and September managed to pass by under neath my very nose. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Truth is, I’ve been ready for Fall to get here for sometime now and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve had quite the Indian Summer here in the Northwest. Go figure. ;) I am so ready for the color of Autumn, hot apple cider, afternoons of baking pumpkinClick for more »

Photographer Threads: Be Free

I decided to switch up today’s Threads post and focus on the Photographer instead of Seniors for a change. :) When I get ready for a photo shoot, it’s all about comfort. I need to be able to bend and move easily to get my shots, so I make sure to wear clothing that allows me to do so. Piecing together the right mix of casual and cool, this Be Free look will have you looking stylish and feeling fabulous. And isn’t that camera necklace killer!? Yes,Click for more »

Corey | Oregon Senior Photography

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your week! Last week I shared a little peek at my blog calendar on Instagram and made the declaration that I intended to share 21 blog posts this month. I am thrilled to announce that last week I successfully published all 4 posts that I had scheduled and with today’s post in the works, I’m still on track! YAY! This week you’ll be seeing some senior sessions reveals, a style post and I am soClick for more »

Let’s Chat About: Connecting the Branding Dots

My journey with photography began with a camera and a dream. There were so many things I didn’t know about- specializing, branding, marketing, business… My mind was being pulled in a million directions, as was my photography. I had no idea what I was doing, I simply did whatever I was called to each day, sometimes loving the projects I was hired for, sometimes wishing I’d kindly declined. These were the learning years of my business, the vital years. The yearsClick for more »

The Senior Portrait Experience with Holli True

I learned early on in my photography business that I was drawn to working with teen girls. There was just something about them that inspired me and my photography. The energy and excitement they had for their senior sessions was off the charts and it affected my energy and excitement, too- in great ways. In the beginning, for me, choosing to specialize in senior portraits for girls was all about the fact that I simply LOVED working with that specific demographic. ButClick for more »

Brendon | Oregon Senior Photography

Hey Class of 2015, yesterday I posted our September availability. We are now down to only 2 sessions open for the remainder of the month! Also, I am traveling over to Bend the weekend of September 12th and I am willing to open up two more sessions for that Friday, if needed. So, if you want to find out what Young & Free is all about, the time to book is now! We are also currently booking for October & November, for more details, let’s connect! WithClick for more »

Holli True September Availability

September Availability

We only have four September dates left, but it’s not too late to get onto our schedule! If you want the Young & Free Experience, be sure to schedule your session now! Complete our contact form so we can start planning your custom photo shoot! UPDATE!! September 11th & 17th BOOKED September 8th & 24th still available!Click for more »

Chase | Senior Portrait Session

This August will go on record as the busiest month EVER for Holli True Photography! And with four more days to go and two senior sessions and a wedding, it’s only about to get busier. It’s been chaotic, but trust me, it’s the good kind of chaos! ;) I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible senior clients I have had the honor of working with! It has been such an amazing Young & Free Summer filled with so much beauty and I am so sad toClick for more »

The Essentials: 1-on-1 Workshop with Holli True

Inspiration takes shape in many forms, evoking something from deep within. It can awaken a side of you that you never knew existed and motivate you in ways you never dreamed possible. I know this firsthand because I was inspired by photography- and it blindsided me. Photography has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I can’t imagine my world without it now.  I discovered early on that my heart was for teen girls. With this knowledge came understanding,Click for more »

Let’s Chat About: One location, endless possibilities

I am not a location-heavy shooter. I never really have been. Whether the location is sparse or lush, it doesn’t really matter to me. What surrounds my client during her session is simply background- something blurred in the distance, meant to be ignored. My focus is and generally always will be solely on my client- not the area we are shooting in. This is intentional.  Let me explain why… You might call me boring, and that’s okay. But I have a veryClick for more »

Eugene, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2015 high school senior, Isabel

Isabel | Senior Portrait Session

Class of 2015: there is still time to book your Young & Free senior portrait session with Holli True! If you are looking for the ultimate senior portrait experience, complete with a custom photo shoot, tons of fun and gorgeous imagery- the time to book is now! I am currently booking for September & October, there are only a limited number of sessions left- so don’t wait! Be sure to schedule your senior session now, before it’s too late! LET’S DO THIS! SoClick for more »

Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Olivia in downtown Eugene at the Holli True Workshop.

Olivia | Portrait Session

Oregon appears to be as bi-polar as ever these days! Yesterday I had a senior portrait session and it was 102 degrees- today it’s a breezy 66 degrees with rain, thunder and lighting. Um, what? Talk about drastic change! Needless to say, I am making the most of this rainy Tuesday to make some major headway into edits! So, YAY for that!! Fall is definitely on the way and I am thrilled to announce that I still have session times available! I am currently booking forClick for more »

Evoke | Online Workshop

.. YOU’RE INVITED .. Workshops are inspiring, fun and more importantly- they can do AMAZING things for your business! But traveling across the country, or to the neighboring state, isn’t always an option for everyone. I have heard from so many photographers out there who have told me that they wish they could attend one of my Oregon Workshops, but for one reason or another, they simply can’t make it happen. After tons of requests, I am so excited toClick for more »

Eugene, Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs Melissa for a boho chic senior photo shoot

Melissa | Workshop Portrait Session

Happy Friday! This blog post is getting posted much later than I initially anticipated, but such is life. This is a chaotic time of year and this week is no exception! Between the workshop, senior sessions, edits and typical work-at-home happenings, things file they are moving at mach-speed. I’m sure some of you out there know and feel exactly the same way- and it can be so overwhelming. Sometimes we all need the gentle reminder to just take it a day at a timeClick for more »