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Happy Holli-Days Workshop GIVEAWAY | Enter now!

Emma | Class of 2014 | Salem Oregon Senior Photographer

I am loving all of the amazing seniors I have had the immense pleasure of working with this year!  It’s unreal.  I cannot begin to express in words how much I love being a senior photographer.  I have been so lucky to work with some of the coolest people from all over Oregon and I am so incredibly grateful that I get to call this my job!  To my clients, thank you so much for choosing me to be your senior photographer!  I hope you have loved the experience as muchClick for more »

Early Bird SPECIAL | Holli True Workshop

Holli True Workshop | Lindsey | Shabby Chic

Yesterday we announced our official 2014 Workshop dates for all of our Oregon Workshops!  We are so, so excited for everything we have planned for the amazing 2 day events- we hope you are, too!  Interested in attending one of our senior portrait workshops?  You can find more info at this link, as well as get in on our Early Bird promo price!  We can’t wait to meet you!! Today’s gorgeous session is from our October Workshop, featuring the lovely, Lindsey.Click for more »

Inspiration Quote by Karen Ravn | Photo by Holli True

Grow… Go… See… Be.

It’s amazing how a series of words can inspire you in ways you never imagined.  These particular words resinate with my heart more than I could possibly ever explain.  Lately, there has been a stirring in my soul to dream bigger, to follow my heart, to take the unknown path without resistance.  Because I have always committed to living a life without regrets.  I have to ignore my fears and allow my dreams to thread themselves to my soul, like little wings.  SeekClick for more »

Early Bird SPECIAL | Holli True Workshop

Early Bird Special & New Dates | Holli True Workshops

Early Bird Registration officially opens TODAY for these 2014 Workshops.  From now until December 9th, 2013, you will save $250 off your registration to a Holli True Workshop!  Space is limited to just 9 attendees per event.  I have found that this is the magic number for Workshops.  Having a smaller group allows me more hands-on time with each of the attendees, I love that!  The shooting groups are also smaller, (2-3 photographers per group, maximum!) which results inClick for more »

Happy Holli-Days Workshop GIVEAWAY | Enter now!

Inspiration for the Soul…

During a recent workshop, one of the attendees asked me why I hadn’t blogged many of my personal/concept shoots.  My answer: Because I didn’t know where they fit with Senior Portraits.  Sound silly?  Yeah.  It does to me, too.  I mean, it’s MY WORK, shouldn’t it fit simply because I shot it?  Of that, I’m still not certain…  A few years ago, after making the decision to specialize in Senior Portraits for Girls, I worked very long andClick for more »

Oregon based senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs class of 2013 high school senior, Annie at King Estate Vineyard in Willamette Valley.

Annie | Class of 2014 | Bend Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been eagerly waiting to feature Annie’s beautiful senior session on the blog!  :)  Annie is one of my Bend clients, though she opted to travel down to the valley and do her session on my turf- which was awesome!  We hit up one of the gorgeous vineyards that the Willamette Valley has to offer and took full advantage of the breathtaking scenery and beautiful sunlight.  I absolutely adore Annie, she is so sweet, funny and full of life!  Not to mention, she wasClick for more »

Eugene, Oregon senior portrait photographer for the Young & Free, Holli True, photographs Class of 2014 high school senior, Jessica, in Brownsville.

Jessica | Class of 2014 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

I have so many sessions to post and I can’t wait to get all of my gorgeous clients featured on the blog! As I mentioned yesterday, don’t be surprised to see me post two blog posts in one day- I am quite behind on blogging and have so much I want to share.  :)  Today, I am thrilled to share Jessica’s beautiful senior session! In early fall, I met up with her and her mom in Brownsville. There are infinite reasons why I love doing sessions in Brownsville, as itClick for more »

The Reflection Puddle | Success, Failure and the In-Between | Holli True Blog

The Reflection Puddle | Success, Failure and the In-Between

Today marks Day One of New Beginnings. Fall is always VERY hectic for the True Household, between a busy shooting/editing/work schedule, back to school, our kiddos sports practices and games, photography workshops, school events and life in general- we basically fasten our seat belts and enjoy the ride the best we can.  :)  ”When I get back from Palm Springs…” has been the start of countless sentences from my mouth.  In many ways, Palm Springs was theClick for more »

Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2014 high school senior, Katie, in Brownsville, Oregon.

Katie | Class of 2014 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photography

There will be some changes happening on the blog starting today. :) In the past, I would always mix some of my personal/work thoughts in with my session spotlights. From now on, session spotlights will be solely focused on my client’s and our time together. Because this blog isn’t just a platform to share sessions, in many ways this blog also serves as my life journal, it is likely that some days you will be seeing double posts from me, which I am reallyClick for more »

Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer for the Young & Free, Holli True, photographs Class of 2014 high school senior, Lindsey in Oregon.

Lindsey | Class of 2014 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

This senior season has been absolutely crazy! I have so much to post and share with all of you and I can’t wait to get all of my gorgeous clients featured on the blog! Today, I am thrilled to share Lindsey’s beautiful senior session! In late summer, I met up with her, her parents and her best friend, Kalani.  We traveled to one of my all-time favorite places to shoot for her senior session- and we couldn’t have asked for a prettier evening, it was absolutelyClick for more »

Shabby Chic | Holli True Workshops | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

Holli True Workshop | Spring 2014 Registration

This past weekend we wrapped our last Oregon Workshop for 2013 and we had such an amazing time! They were such an incredible group of photographers and I am missing them something fierce today! My cheeks still hurt from all the laughter! I absolutely LOVE teaching Workshops and sharing my passion, so when the season draws to an end, it’s always bittersweet. Registration officially opens TODAY for our three Spring 2014 Workshops.  Space is limited to just 8Click for more »


Ode to Autumn | 20 reasons I LOVE Fall

I love this time of year.  Like, really, really LOVE this season.  Living in Oregon, we are fortunate enough to experience all of the seasons that Mother Nature is known for, which is one of the main reasons I love living here.  There is something magical about this time of year in Oregon.  We are known for being green, thanks to all the rainfall.  ;)  But when October hits, those vibrant shades of green begin to turn to rich hues of yellow, orange and red.  It becomesClick for more »

Holli True Workshops | Spring 2014 Registration Announcement

Spring 2014 Workshop Registration Announcement!

Registration for our Spring 2014 Workshops opens at 10am on Monday, October 14th, 2013!  Space is limited to just 6 attendees per spring workshop to guarantee more 1-on-1 time together!  Join us for two full days of learning, hands-on teaching, creating, inspiration and business fundamentals!  If you are looking to take your senior photography business to the next level, these workshops are for YOU!!  More details will be posted next Monday!!  We can’t wait toClick for more »

Young & Free Mentor Session with Holli True in Palm Springs November 2013

Young & Free in California | Palm Springs Mentor Session

I’m not going to lie, I have dreamed for years now of holding a workshop in California. For those of you out there who know me, you know that I am so passionate about teaching, mentoring and sharing. I absolutely love being a workshop instructor, getting to meet and connect with photographers from all over the US has been absolutely amazing! My workshops are filled with information, hands-on teaching and tons of inspiration, which will leave you refreshed and motivatedClick for more »

Lets Chat About: The Struggle

I’ve started, deleted, post-poned and avoided this post for a long time now.  Bringing this topic to life has been a big struggle for me.  In general, I try to keep all of my posts positive and inspiring, but until recently, I was simply feeling down.  Hiding behind a smile, silently screaming on the inside.  Stuck in this eternal state of limbo, bending while trying not to break, passing one obstacle to then be faced with another- only harder, constantly moving,Click for more »