Introducing Fragments | Photography Mentoring with Holli True

It’s no secret that I love to teach and share what I know with other photographers.  When I started in this business I was faced with closed doors and no opportunity to connect with other photographers.  It was a very isolating experience and it was difficult for me.  When I decided to offer mentoring to other photographers, I knew that I wanted to create something unique and welcoming.  I wanted to create something where we could all get real and trust each other, form friendships and bonds, build something withstanding.  For the past year I have had the amazing opportunity to connect with several photographers through the mentorship and have watched them achieve amazing things and discover so many awesome things about themselves.  They have become my friends and because of them I have also grown as a photographer and a person.  It is amazing!  :)

In the past, our mentoring program was very free-form, which had its benefits, but I believe it needed more structure.  The result: Fragments.  After a lot of time and thought, we believe that we have created a great mentoring program with targeted teaching on key areas that we most commonly discuss with other photographers.

No questions are off-limts, no matter the subject matter, but to ensure we are making the most of our time together, we have broken up the 4 month program into the following topics:
MONTH ONE:  Style & Branding
MONTH TWO:  Specializing
MONTH THREE:  Posing & Interaction
MONTH FOUR: Successful Sessions

Over the 4 month program, you will spend time interacting with me, as well as the other mentees. You will also be added to a private Facebook Group where we can chat and interact all of the time!

Inspirational and thought provoking videos will be posted weekly on with assignments for you to complete. Q&A videos will be recorded weekly and posted on Thursday’s. A monthly 1-on-1 call time will be scheduled upon registration, allowing us to talk through each segment and focus on the key areas you wish to talk through.

Our Fragments Mentoring Session kicks off on April 9th- you don’t want to miss it!  Space is limited to only 10 per class.  For more information, or to register, please visit our site.  Thank you!!


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