Kelly | Class of 2013 Senior Model

“Wind in the hair,” I kept exclaiming in my best Tyra Banks voice, “just like the models!”  And she would laugh, trying to fight against Mother Nature’s persistence.  It was like clockwork, the moment I would lift my camera to photograph Kelly, the wind would pick up, almost as if it was on cue.  So we stopped fighting it, made a few jokes about it and embraced it.  :)  And every time, Kelly would laugh and I loved that about her!

I have been asked countless times why we use the motto Young & Free.  There are so many reasons, I often come up with a different explanation each time.  You see, Young & Free aren’t just two words that sound nice together.  They are a mood, a feeling, a way of life.  Young & Free is a warm summer day, the rain at your toes, the laughter that escapes you, and yes, the wind in your hair.  Young & Free is a spirit that my girls embody.  That I embody.  That you embody.  It is the core of our business, our photography, our hearts and our lives.

Kelly, you are the epitome of Young & Free, as are all of our amazing Girls of 2013.  We are so thrilled to have such an amazing team represent our company and we know already that is going to be one awesome year!  It was so great to finally meet you and do this model session with you, we can’t wait for your Senior session next year!  We hope you love your pictures as much as we do!  :)  Much love!!

  • AKP PhotographyJuly 11, 2012 - 7:08 am

    Beautiful photos og model :D

    Amazing colors and light!!

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