In this breakout you will learn how you can make better use of your surroundings, gain authentic expressions from your subjects and discover the Beauty of Simplicity. We will focus on simplifying your shooting process by utilizing your locations through interaction and making small posing adjustments. By spending more time in one location, you'll create more dynamic images in less time and truly connect with your subject. Go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at three photo shoots with a 'tween, teen and high school senior. 
What's Included:

70 page PDF loaded with useful content, location descriptions and examples on how to utilize them, location scouting, how to engage with your clients organically and authentically, natural and fluid posing techniques, how to bring it all together to simplify your shooting process, and more!

Behind the scenes video & commentary where you will see firsthand how Holli works with three clients ('tween, teen and high school senior) in the same location, utilizing each location through interaction and minor posing adjustments.

Simple & Timeless Props (bonus PDF) No need to break the bank or rent a storage unit. This collection of props is great for all ages, easy to store and take with you on a shoot and will forever remain timeless.

Posing Breakdown video with commentary on how to simplify the posing process with your clients.


two videos
two pdf guides

what's included:


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