Eugene Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographing Class of 2013 Student Alexis at Mount Pisgah, Buford Park

Alexis | Class of 2013 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

Looking at my list of seniors to feature on the blog, I’m estimating that I have sessions to share all the way to Spring.  :)  In other words, I am a wee bit behind on getting my gorgeous clients featured!  It is not on purpose, I assure you!  It is basically a matter workload.  Senior Photography, especially here in Oregon, is a very seasonal thing, which means mass chaos for 4 or 5 months and then the calm arrives.  We are approaching the calm, with only aClick for more »

Oregon senior portrait photographer Holli True featured on Clique Magazine Blog

Featured on Clique Magazine | Holli True | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

I am so, so excited to announce that my recent senior session with the gorgeous Haylee was featured on Clique Magazine on Monday!  When they contacted me about their amazing blog, I literally did a dance in my office!  Haha!  It always feels amazing and it is such an honor to be featured, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Clique Magazine for choosing to showcase my work.  :)  Thank you so much Clique Magazine!! You can check out my feature on their blogClick for more »

Bend Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographing Class of 2013 Student Kayley in Downtown Bend and Drake Park

Kayley | Class of 2013

I have received several emails and messages from people inquiring about workshops and mentoring lately, which is so exciting!  The 2013 Be Inspired Workshop Calendar can be found here.  If you want to join us at one of the cities we will be traveling to next year, be sure to register now!  Space is limited to 15 seats and they are filling in quickly!  We just kicked off The Mentorship’s winter session, however, a spring session will be launching in March 2013Click for more »

Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographs Class of 2013 Student Skye on sailboat at sunset in Eugene

Skye | Class of 2013

When Skye contacted me to book her senior session, she couldn’t decide on the location to do her shoot.  She wanted something with greenery, but she also had her heart set on having her senior pictures taken on her family’s sailboat.  We decided to do both!  :)  So, this blog feature has been divided into two sections to showcase both locations. The first part of Skye’s session took place down on campus, one of my favorite places to shoot!  It isClick for more »

Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographs Class of 2013 Student Gina on private residence in Salem

Gina | Class of 2013

It would appear that I am nearing the end of what has been the wildest ten weeks of my life.  I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the greatest senior girls in Oregon & Washington.  :)  It’s crazy to think that as I am wrapping up this season, I am already planning for next year, coming up with some new and fun ideas for the Girls of 2014!  However, if you are one of the awesome Girls of 2013 and still need to have your senior pictures taken- weClick for more »

Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographs Class of 2013 Student Tiffany at Bush Park in Salem

Tiffany | Class of 2013

I’m seriously contemplating hiring a personal stylist for myself.  Spending my days, editing sessions of my amazing senior clients, I am completely distracted by their amazing outfits and killer style.  What I wouldn’t give to be a fraction of how fashionable they all are- I mean, are they teaching Fabulous Style 101 in high school now?  Seriously.  Sign me up. Speaking of awesome style, I am thrilled to share Tiffany’s recent senior session withClick for more »

Blakely | Class of 2013

Happy Friday!  I hope you are all having a fabulous day and are planning to spend the weekend with the ones you love!  This weekend we get to switch things up a bit and get back to our photography roots and photograph an adorable couple’s engagement session!  Needless to say, we are really excited to shake things up a bit!  :)  There will likely be some sneak peeks floating around on Instagram… just sayin’.  Be sure to follow @hollitrue, if youClick for more »

Flash Sale | Body Language Digital Book

It’s a FLASH SALE!  Until 6pm PST today, get your hands on a digital version of Body Language: The Pose Book!  This offer is only for a very limited time- get your copy before it’s too late!  CLICK HERE to purchase! BODY LANGUAGE DIGITAL BOOK :: $75 Body Language is a Pose Book filled with posing techniques, tips & tricks. If you are looking to add more posing options to your arsenal or if you want to take your posing to new levels, Body Language isClick for more »

Let’s Chat About… Post-Processing Workflow

Happy Wednesday!  I hope that you are all having a fabulous week!  This week’s Let’s Chat About post will be focused on my post-processing workflow.  I have a very clear-cut style that I have focused a lot of time and effort on.  As most of you know, I am a huge advocate for defining your personal photography style- this goes beyond how you photograph your clients.  Editing also plays a part in your style, how you finesse your photos is just as importantClick for more »

Erika | Class of 2013

As I sit here, typing this blog post, I am left wondering one thing: Where in the heck did October go?! The past few months have literally flown right by, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of whiplash. Winter is knocking on the door and I’m pretending not to hear her, as I am not done celebrating the beauty of fall. Why is time ticking along so quickly? I am in desperate need of a slow-down. Who’s with me? I am so excited to start sharing with all of youClick for more »

Alyssa | Class of 2013

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that read: October is to Photographers what April is to Accountants. It made me smile because it is so true- especially here in Oregon. As Autumn is making her presence known, the weather here has made a complete shift. Senior sessions have started to slow down and my camera is getting some rest, it is now my computer that is in overdrive. ;) I have so many beautiful sessions to share from all of my amazing clients I had theClick for more »

oregon sunset in the fall, photographed by holli true

Holli True: Unplugged

I unplugged from social media this past weekend and it was a glorious thing.  :)  I could feel my brain going into overload from too much information, too much chaos, too much need to know, too much everything.  So, on Friday night, I clicked the X on my browser and vowed to leave it there until Monday morning.  Despite a few moments of weakness, overall, I managed to stay pretty mum on my social media outlets, which couldn’t have come at a better time.  AsClick for more »

High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographing a ballerina and fashionista in las vegas, nevada

Let's Chat About… Becoming a Specialist

There was a time when I lived vicariously through the lives of successful photographers. I would spend hours on their blogs and websites, wishing with all my heart, that I would one day have a thriving business, like them. The photographers I looked up to were Jasmine Star, Amy Wenzel and Justin & Mary Marantz. What I didn’t realize at the time, despite trying to figure out what drew me to them in the first place, was that they had defined their niche in theClick for more »

Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographing Class of 2013 Student Yadie In Seattle, Washington

Yadie | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

I have received several messages from photographers with topic suggestions for my new “Let’s Chat About…” series.  I am beyond thrilled with the reception of this new series and cannot wait to dive -in deeper and cover several different topics, all suggested by YOU!  :)  Tomorrow I will be chatting about Becoming a Specialist, something I am super passionate about!  If you have an idea for a topic you would like me to write about, please sendClick for more »

Oregon High School Senior Portrait Photographer Holli True photographs Class of 2013 student Kiana in Seattle, Washington

Kiana | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

My hubby is determined to get me more organized. We have been living in the world of Evernote and iCal for the past few days, trying to sync our lives and business to the best of our advantage, which is complicated, to say the least! Haha! You see, when it comes to office work, I have always conducted the business side of things, aside from the random sending of emails and the occasional upload of images. When I started, I didn’t have a process, though over theClick for more »