Kalani | Class of 2014 Senior Model

I am so excited to be embarking on a new adventure with my good friend, Heather Dunnigan, of Thea Creative!  Our new project?  Denim+Grace, a magazine for photographers, by photographers.  Heather and I are just two girls from the opposite coasts, who share a love for photography, branding and teaching. Although we have never actually met one another in the real world, we’re pretty much virtual BFF’s.  As dreamers, Denim+Grace is the result of the two of us, pushingClick for more »

Holli True Workshops

Amanda | Holli True Workshops

It would appear that sleep is evading me these days.  For some inexplicable reason, I could be dragging all day long, but by nightfall I am wired with hundreds of ideas buzzing around my brain, like honey bees to a hive. When your mind is moving a million miles a minute, the concept of shutting your eyes and closing your thoughts down is impossible.  I am leaning more and more toward forming a Night Crew with me fellow Night Owls so we can converse and bounce ideas offClick for more »

Cassidy | Class of 2014 Senior Model | Bend Senior Photographer

Last senior season was the busiest I have ever been since starting my business in 2007.  While I loved every single minute of working with all of my clients, there were many, many chaotic and stressful moments that had me wanting to hide under my desk.  At the start of 2012, I made a declaration that I wanted to have 75 senior shoots that year.  So, to make it happen, I started marketing myself like mad to reach that number- and it worked.  What I didn’t know atClick for more »

Kayley | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

Emma Stone.  That is exactly how I would sum up Kayley.  Quick wit, adorable laugh, go-with-the-flow, easy going, absolutely stunning…  Those are other ways to describe Kayley, as well, which again, can be summed up in those first two words on this post.  ;)  It was about halfway through the photo shoot during day one of my Be Inspired Workshop that I turned to her and said, “You totally remind me of Emma…”  She finished my sentence with me asClick for more »

Holli True Photography Workshops

Cadie | Holli True Photography Workshops

From the very start of my journey with photography, I have always been very passionate about it and realized early on that when the time was right, I would share my passion with other photographers.  In the early days of my business, I felt pretty isolated and alone.  I didn’t know anyone in the industry and the few photographers I had interacted with locally weren’t interested in connecting or networking with me, so I didn’t have helpful guidance.  IClick for more »

High school senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographing Lailek, Class of 2014 senior, in eugene, oregon at 5th street public market at sunset in the fall.

Lailek | Class of 2013 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

I am so excited to announce that I am officially booking senior portrait sessions for the Class of 2014!  June, July & August sessions are now open and will fill in quickly, I only take a limited number of session each month- don’t hesitate to book your fabulous senior picture session now!  Your senior portrait experience should be something that lives within you forever. I want this to be the session of your dreams, capturing who you are today, in thisClick for more »

Blueprints: Building an Authentic Brand | Giveaway with Thea Creative

Branding.  It can be a bit of a scary word.  Mainly because this one little word holds such a massive, complex meaning.  Branding is often misunderstood, this results in underdevelopment and an inconsistent message, which can be detrimental to your business.  For several years I failed at branding for one simple reason: I didn’t have one.  I was unclear about the message, the tone, the feel and the direction of my business.  I didn’t know what I stood for,Click for more »

Reckless Novel inspiration board by Holli True & Marissa Lynn.

I am a writer | Holli True

When I was a little girl, propped up a stool in my kitchen with my dad patiently beside me, guiding me line by line as I learned to write my own name, I made a declaration.  Even at the age of four, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a writer.  Growing up, I would spend endless hours in my room, filling the pages of spiral bound notebooks with words pulled together by my imagination, creating stories of pretend friends in places I wanted to visit on pages IClick for more »

Bend Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs class of 2013 high school senior, Lacey in Drake Park at sunset.

Lacey | Class of 2013 | Bend, OR Senior Photographer

This week, in my mission to simplify, I have been making some much needed updates to the blog, conquering a small list of changes.  You may or may not see these cosmetic updates- please forgive me as we are in makeover mode- if the blog is acting wonky, it is likely because you’ve caught me mid-update.  ;)  Please be patient with us as we work through our list!  I am most happy with the look and layout of the blog, however, so don’t expect anything tooClick for more »

Bend Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs class of 2013 high school senior, Emily in downtown Bend and Drake Park.

Emily | Bend, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

2013 is going to be the year simplicity.  It seems that I have on this roll of simplifying everything in both my life and my business.  Looking back at the past few years, I have always felt like I haven’t had enough time to get things accomplished.  While I would spend countless hours on countless tasks, I had this overwhelming feeling that nothing was actually getting done.  While I was spending all of my hours working- I hadn’t left time for play,Click for more »

Holli True Workshops, focused on senior portrait photography and concept shoots, now registering for 2013 workshops

Registration Open | Holli True Photography Workshops

Oh my goodness! I am so excited that so many of you have already signed up for our upcoming 2013 Holli True Workshops! Planning is already happening in full-force, these workshops are going to be filled with gorgeous imagery, beautiful details, tons of inspiration, technique tips & tricks and so much more! You don’t want to miss out on the fun! Seats are filling in, but there is still time to get in on each of the workshops now! This two day workshopClick for more »

Holli True Photography Workshops | http://workshop.hollitrue.com

Announcing: Holli True Workshops | Photography Focused Workshops

Holli True Workshops are centered around photography. This 2 day event is filled with hands-on learning & shooting, focusing on style, posing, body language, interaction, expression, lighting and so much more. I don’t believe in secrets, no questions are off limits, we will discuss everything involving photography! There are so many beautiful places to shoot in Oregon and I am so excited to share some of our favorite locations with you! This isn’t aClick for more »

Class of 2014 Senior Model, Kalani, for Holli True, Oregon based high school senior photographer for the Young & Free in the White Shoot

Holli True Class of 2014 Senior Model Search | Oregon Senior Photographer

Girls of 2014 this post is for you! I am currently looking for an amazing team of high school Juniors who embody a Young & Free spirit, girls who love to live, love and laugh out loud. You must be motivated, outgoing and actively-involved in your high school. I will also need your commitment to helping me spread the word about our photography to your school and social media connections via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Only a limited number of girls areClick for more »

Happy Holli-Days | 5 days of giveaways for photographers | DAY 2

Let’s Chat About: Look Books | Holli True Photography

I recently posted a link in a group that I belong to on Facebook about our Client Look Books that we offer. The purpose of my post was to simply show people how I use MagCloud, but what transpired was tons of comments, messages and emails. It was completely unexpected, but also exciting to see photographers get so pumped about a new product they could also offer for their clients. So, if you had questions about my Look Books, this post is for you. This past year I haveClick for more »

Class of 2013 high school senior, Sydney, photographed by Holli True Photography in Bend, Oregon.

Sydney | Class of 2013

This past senior season was, without question, the busiest we have ever been.  It was a little chaotic and crazy at times, but I absolutely loved every single last second of it!  Sometimes it takes getting uncomfortable to get comfortable and when that happens, you open the door for growth and self-realization, which is exactly what happened for me.  I learned that I had boxed myself in to believing I should only photograph seniors at one time of day: evening.  So, whenClick for more »