Ode to Autumn | 20 reasons I LOVE Fall

I love this time of year.  Like, really, really LOVE this season.  Living in Oregon, we are fortunate enough to experience all of the seasons that Mother Nature is known for, which is one of the main reasons I love living here.  There is something magical about this time of year in Oregon.  We are known for being green, thanks to all the rainfall.  ;)  But when October hits, those vibrant shades of green begin to turn to rich hues of yellow, orange and red.  It becomesClick for more »

Holli True Workshops | Spring 2014 Registration Announcement

Spring 2014 Workshop Registration Announcement!

Registration for our Spring 2014 Workshops opens at 10am on Monday, October 14th, 2013!  Space is limited to just 6 attendees per spring workshop to guarantee more 1-on-1 time together!  Join us for two full days of learning, hands-on teaching, creating, inspiration and business fundamentals!  If you are looking to take your senior photography business to the next level, these workshops are for YOU!!  More details will be posted next Monday!!  We can’t wait toClick for more »

Young & Free Mentor Session with Holli True in Palm Springs November 2013

Young & Free in California | Palm Springs Mentor Session

I’m not going to lie, I have dreamed for years now of holding a workshop in California. For those of you out there who know me, you know that I am so passionate about teaching, mentoring and sharing. I absolutely love being a workshop instructor, getting to meet and connect with photographers from all over the US has been absolutely amazing! My workshops are filled with information, hands-on teaching and tons of inspiration, which will leave you refreshed and motivatedClick for more »

Lets Chat About: The Struggle

I’ve started, deleted, post-poned and avoided this post for a long time now.  Bringing this topic to life has been a big struggle for me.  In general, I try to keep all of my posts positive and inspiring, but until recently, I was simply feeling down.  Hiding behind a smile, silently screaming on the inside.  Stuck in this eternal state of limbo, bending while trying not to break, passing one obstacle to then be faced with another- only harder, constantly moving,Click for more »

Oregon senior portrait photographer for the young & free photographs class of 2014 high school senior, Katy, at Indian Beach on the Oregon Coast.

Katy | Class of 2014 | Oregon Beach Senior Photographer

For those of you who know me, or have followed my blog for any length of time, you know how much I love Twilight.  As in Bella & Edward, not the time of day.  ;)  What many people don’t know is that the first film in the saga was actually filmed in Oregon, as well as parts of Southern Washington.  For the movie, they used Indian Beach as “La Push Beach”, which is located up near Canon Beach.  So, when Katy and her mom contacted me and decided to doClick for more »

Happy Holli-Days Workshop GIVEAWAY | Enter now!

Olivia | Class of 2014 | Bend Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

Well, if you live in the Northwest, you know that is has been a very soggy start to Fall.  We’ve had relentless rain and wind for days, which makes life interesting for a natural light, on-location photographer.  ;)  I’m fairly certain that this is only the start of the wet weather we will be faced with this year, but only time will tell.  I know you might be reading this as a rant, but quite honestly, the writer in me welcomes the rain.  It’s a bit ofClick for more »

Holli True | New Beginnings

New beginnings…

Change. A word that can warrant a multitude of emotions. Change can be good, it can be bad, scary, unwelcome, much needed… And sometimes, in rare moments, it is all of these things at once. Like right now. For me… Today marks the start of a new beginning for Holli True Photography.  For the past 6+ years, I have documented every stage of my business within the pages of this blog.  The good times and the bad, the trials and tribulations, the successes, theClick for more »

Fall for Fashion | Thursday Threads

Fall is here and I don’t know about you, but this girl is EXCITED!! Boots, jeans, sweaters and scarves… yes, please!! Boot weather is my favorite kind of weather, so I say bring it on Mother Nature! Did you know that layers actually photograph beautifully? That’s right! So, have fun when styling your wardrobe for your senior session with Holli True and think in layers. Adding or removing one item can completely alter your look, resulting in a varietyClick for more »

@hollitrue #posinglightingpostprocessinggiveaway

Pin to Win | Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing Contest

PINTEREST CONTEST BY HOLLI TRUE PHOTOGRAPHY We are so excited to launch our first ever Pin to Win Pinterest Contest!  Entering this contest is really easy and will only take a few minutes of your time!  Two lucky winners will receive our latest True Elements PDF Guide, Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing!   How to Enter: Follow me on PINTEREST Pin your favorite POSE from this blog to one of your Pinterest Boards Use this tag with your picture: ” @hollitrueClick for more »

Upcoming Events | For Photographers

This post is going to be a mash-up of several different events that have been coming together over the past few months.  We have been hard at work behind the scenes planning and scheduling out our 2013 Fall & Winter, as well as looking into 2014.  We have been approached by so many of you for various things, it’s all very exciting and we are trying our best to make them all happen.  :)  Thank you so much, to each and every one of you, for your continued loveClick for more »

Cassidy | Class of 2014 | Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

We have lots of fun announcements coming up this week on the blog- be sure to check back daily!  :)  While I can’t give all the details away just yet, I will give you all a few hints…  Workshop announcements, a fun giveaway and more info about our upcoming Fall Mentorship.  Needless to say, it’s going to be a full week here on the blog! So, let’s do this! Every year, about this time, life gets crazy!  And I don’t mean a little, I mean AClick for more »

In Honor of Marvell Smith

On September 18th, 2013, the photography industry lost a very talented, giving, loving artist.  Jeff and I didn’t know Marvell Smith very well, we met in Vegas a couple years ago and occasionally interacted through Facebook.  What we do know about Marvell is that he was a loving father who had a passionate heart to give, warm smile for everyone he interacted with and an incredible gift for photography.  He was one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.  MyClick for more »

Thursday Threads: All HALE Lucy

So, I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I mean, who isn’t, right?  I’m particularly obsessed with the gorgeous, doe-eyed, brunette by the name of Lucy Hale, you might know her better as Aria Montgomery. ;)  I’ve become pretty determined to find a way to do a photo shoot with Lucy, because she KILLS it in front of the camera.  Plus, she seems like such a cool girl, hanging with her for awhile would be pretty much amazing.  A girl can dream,Click for more »

Eugene Oregon senior portrait photographer for girls, Holli True, photographs Young & Free Class of 2014 high school senior, Olivia, in downtown Eugene

Olivia | Class of 2014 | Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

I hope you’re all loving the new look and layout of the blog, I am still making some adjustments to the overall flow of the site, but it’s getting closer to the final product I am hoping to achieve!  I would love to know what you think about it- don’t be shy, leave some comment love, as I am eager to engage with my awesome readers!!   I have so much to post and share with all of you and I can’t wait to get all of my gorgeous clients featured on theClick for more »

New [School] Year, New Look for Holli True Photography

I think being a high school senior photographer has made my brain believe that a new year for me isn’t the traditional calendar year, it’s a school year.  It’s always about this time that I start getting the craving to make adjustments to my website, brand, etc.  It makes perfect sense, really.  I’ve spent the past several weeks photographing dozens of amazing senior clients and I think it has inspired me to revamp my marketing and promotionalClick for more »