High school senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs class of 2014 senior girl, Kalani, in Eugene, Oregon.

Choosing the right location for your senior session…

When it comes to your senior portrait experience, there are so many things to think about, it can be a little overwhelming. Choosing the right outfits with all of the accessories to finish each look…  Deciding on the perfect way to style your hair and have your makeup done…  Selecting the ideal location that not only fits your style, but also fits your personality…  Truth is, the first two are much easier to tackle, as you face these tasks on a dailyClick for more »

Day three of Happy Holli-Days, 5 days of giveaways

NOW AVAILABLE: Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing in print & PDF

I am so, so excited about our latest guide release, Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing!  It was a huge labor of love and I am so proud and happy with the outcome and I think you will be, too.  :)  With over 100 pages of content, imagery and screen shots of my editing process, this guide is literally loaded with information and will you give you an up-close and personal look at my photography & workflow.  I combed through every aspect of Posing, Lighting &Click for more »

True Elements Independence Day Promo | Business Essentials + Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing just $99

Independence Day Promo | Business Essentials + Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing

Happy Fourth of July!!  Celebrate in style and get your hands on our Independence Day Promo!  From now until July 7th, 2013, Business Essentials + Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing have been bundled just for you!  Get both now for just $99!  Both PDF Guides will be sent to you on 7.10.13 (When Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing launches) THIS PROMO HAS NOW ENDED. Already own Business Essentials? We have a presale happening on Posing, Lighting &Click for more »

Now Booking Young & Free Senior Sessions | Oregon Senior Photographer

Are you soon to be senior girl looking for the ultimate senior portrait experience?  If so, it’s time to book your fabulous Young & Free Senior Session with Holli True!  We have a limited number of sessions still available for July, August & September.  Book now and you will save $100 off the Digital Collection of your choice!  Interested in learning more?  Hit us up for more details!  Here’s to loving every second of the YOUNG & FREE SUMMER!Click for more »

True Elements: Posing, Lighting & Post Processing PDF Guide by Holli True launching July 10, 2013

The Friday Mash-Up

OMGeez, I have a ton of things to announce, share and post today, hence the reason for the mash-up!  ;)  This week on the Young & Free blog has been a lot of fun, as it was LOVE WEEK!  For those of you who missed it, I posted engagement sessions from three of the five wedding couples Jeff and I will have the honor of photographing this summer and fall!  (Two more engagement session are in the works for our fall couples- be on the lookout for them soon!)  If youClick for more »

© Holli True | www.hollitrue.com | Oregon Engagement Photography

Jasmine & Tyler | Oregon Engagement Photography

I met Tyler on the very first day that I started working at the Credit Union 7+ years ago.  He and I were hired at the same time, for the same department, along with a handful of other people.  I instantly liked him, as he reminded me so much of one of my cousin’s.  As luck would have it, Tyler and I were assigned cubicles near each other and in-between calls, we would chat about various things- from what he was studying in college, to his crazy weekendClick for more »

Engagement Session by Holli True.

Melissa & Justin | Oregon Engagement Photography

I am so, so excited to share this session with you today!  Oh my gosh, where do I even begin?  I have known Melissa and her family for a very long time, I actually can’t even remember not knowing them.  :)  There are those people that you meet in life that become more than friends, they become an intricate part of your life and over time, they become more like family.  This is how we feel about Melissa and her family- they are ours, too.  And we love that.  InClick for more »

Oregon Engagement session by Holli True.

Aanya & John | Oregon Engagement Session

Did you hear that the next installment of True Elements is launching NEXT MONTH?!  This PDF Guide is focused on Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing, three topics that I receive emails and messages about daily.  Tag along with me on a real shoot, seeing firsthand the locations I choose, how I setup each shot, my preferred equipment and how I edit my images.  This Guide is a direct window into my sessions.  You don’t want to miss it!  You can get in on theClick for more »

The Girl in the Mirror

I felt like Regina George, slipping into the comfort of my stretchy, forgiving threads, thinking to myself, “Sweatpants are all that fit me right now.”  It was a cruel, harsh reality, a definite truth, a cold-hard fact that slapped me so hard in the face, it stung clear down to the bone.  I stared at my reflection, unable to take my eyes off the girl in the mirror.  I didn’t recognize her anymore.  She was not me.  Not the real me.  Not the me IClick for more »

Reader Q&A | Holli True Photography

I am so excited to bring Video Blog posts back into the mix! Thank you so much to all of you who submitted your questions! If your question wasn’t selected, please continue to submit! Special thanks to Petra Hemphill, Nicole Aubry, Ashley Hall & Annie Patrick- your questions were selected and you will be receiving a special gift from me! :) Please email be at holli@hollitrue.com and I will send it your way! I hope you enjoy this installment of the ReaderClick for more »

Salem, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2013 high school senior, Laura in downtown Eugene.

Laura | Class of 2013 | Salem, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer

It has been such a long time since I have done a vlog post- the time is now!  I am so excited to announce that a new video will be posted this week!  :)  I am looking for a handful of questions from YOU, my readers.  I am an open book, so please, ask away!  Questions are already being posted on my Facebook Page, but feel free to post them here, on this post, too.  I will be pulling 3-5 questions- if your question is selected, you will receive a little gift from me.Click for more »

Bend, Oregon high school senior photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2013 senior girl, Kenzie in fall, central Oregon.

Kenzie | Class of 2013 | Bend, Oregon Senior Photographer

For those of you who don’t know, today is the last day to get your hands on Business Essentials for just $39!  You can snag your copy here, before it returns to the regular price of $79.  If you are looking for a business resource, this PDF guide is for you.  It’s loaded with all of the ins-and-outs of my business, covering everything from pricing & sales, marketing & social media, all the way to referral & rep programs.  I spent a ton of timeClick for more »

Portland Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs Vancouver Washington class of 2013 high school senior, Nicole, in downtown PDX.

Nicole | Class of 2013 | Portland, Oregon Senior Photographer

Just in case you missed our big announcement yesterday, the next installment of True Elements is launching NEXT MONTH!! I receive emails and messages daily about three key topics: posing, lighting and my post-processing workflow. So, I decided to bundle them up into one PDF Guide, because in my opinion, all three go hand-in-hand with one another. True Elements: Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing is currently on PRESALE for 50% off from now until July 9th, 2013. ItClick for more »

Day three of Happy Holli-Days, 5 days of giveaways

True Elements: Posing, Lighting & Post-Processing

In 2011 I released my first book, Field Notes.  What started out as a Workshop companion quickly turned into a guide, walking through all of the areas of my senior business.  While I am very proud of Field Notes, I knew I wanted to dig deeper and really dissect each topic.  Something that included everything that was in Field Notes, but more. And so, an idea was born. True Elements. A complete breakdown of all of the key areas that make up a Senior PhotographyClick for more »

Portland Oregon senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs Vancouver Washington class of 2013 high school senior, Erin, in downtown PDX.

Erin | Class of 2013 | Portland, Oregon Senior Photographer

Hey Class of 2014- did you hear about the KILLER event I am hosting on June 20th, 2013 in Eugene?  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it! For one day only, I am offering Young & Free All-Inclusive Sessions! Sessions like these fill in quick, so book your appointment early! I have a very limited number of sessions available, only 7 spots!  Check out all of the details in this blog post and then contact me to schedule your fabulous session time!  This is a oneClick for more »