It’s blowing my mind that January is almost behind us already. We’ve had quite an exciting and chaotic start to 2015 and it appears it will only be getting more and more crazy. But, it’s the good kind of crazy, so you won’t hear me complaining. ;) Last week, we announced Indianapolis as one of the locations for our 2015 Evoke Workshops. (The Early Bird Rate is in effect through January 31st- don’t miss it!) I am so excited to announce that this Friday, we’ll be releasing another location here on the blog, so be sure to check that out! Click here for more details about our 2 day Evoke Workshops.

In other exciting news, we’re currently looking for an amazing team of girls to be a part of our 2016 Senior Model Team! We have a lot of fun projects in the works and some awesome campaigns we’ve been dreaming up that we’d LOVE to make a reality! We’ll be utilizing our Senior Model Crew in a new and beautiful way! If you love getting all dolled up for the camera and want to experience what Young & Free is all about, apply today!

In late Fall, I had the opportunity to travel up to Portland to meet with the lovely, Krysten, for her senior portrait session. Portland is one of my favorite places to visit and it’s vastly different than Eugene, so I totally jumped at the chance for a change of pace and scenery for her shoot. We decided on an adorable little park, located right in the middle of the bustling city, which gave us a great mix of natural and architectural elements to play with.

Krysten, I had the best time working with you! I hope you had as much fun as I did! :) You are such a beautiful girl, inside and out! Thank you so, so much for choosing me to be your senior photographer! Much love!!



2015 Evoke Workshops with Holli True

EVOKE WORKSHOP | a 2 day photography event with Holli True

Location: Indianapolis, IN
When: July 9 & 10, 2o15
Workshop Investment: $950
Early Bird Rate: $850(rate valid for 1 week, after registration opens)
Seats Limited: Maximum of 12 attendees per workshop, to ensure a personal, hands-on learning experience


The Evoke Workshop is two full days of learning, sharing and growing, designed for senior portrait photographers looking to rejuvenate their business and photography skills. We will be traveling to select cities in 2015, thanks to the incredible support of our amazing Workshop Hosts! Our goal is to provide you with a workshop experience unlike any other, where you’ll walk away inspired, motivated, fulfilled and ready to tackle your business in a whole new light. We have loaded this workshop with TONS of content, covering everything from branding and marketing to posing and post-processing. No topics are off-limits. An no worries, this isn’t your stuffy conference room kind of workshop.

bts-evoke-1There are ample shooting opportunities during both days of the event, ensuring you’ll go home with more gorgeous imagery than you’ll know what to do with. A key element within the Evoke Workshops is centered around Session Workflow. We will spend a lot of time covering how to choose the right locations, finding the light, utilizing your space for multiple sellable images, flow-posing with ease and how to connect and engage your client to gain authentic expressions. There will be one model for every three photographers, so you won’t have to fight a large group to get your shot.

bts-evoke-2Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve had your business for a few years, The Evoke Workshop is perfect for photographers looking to simplify their shooting process and grow their senior photography business. We have had attendees at all levels of their business, this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to learn.

Each attendee will also receive our gorgeous Evoke Workbook (only available to workshop attendees), filled to the brim with all of the content covered over the two day event. Within the pages of the Evoke Workbook, you will find inspiration through imagery, content, quotes, session ideas, tips & tricks,  as well as room to explore your own thoughts, goals and business plans.

bts-evoke-5[WHERE & WHEN]
We are currently finalizing our 2015 schedule and will be announcing the 5 cities we’ll be traveling to over the course of the next couple of weeks. As a location becomes open for registration, there will be a link posted here. There will also be a one week Early Bird Rate available, when the new workshop is announced.  Our goal is to load you with as much useful content as possible, each event will have 20 hours of teaching. Day One will run from 10am – 10pm and Day Two from 10am – 6pm. Lunch and Snacks will be provided both days of the workshop and Dinner on Day One.

When you register for Indianapolis event, you will be provided with accommodation recommendations and additional location details. Travel and Lodging Fees are the responsibility of the attendee, they are NOT included in the workshop fee. A Facebook Group will be created for this workshop, allowing attendees to meet and greet before the event, should any of you wish to carpool together or split a room.

Yay! We are so excited you’re coming to this event! Just click the link below and complete the registration process. There is a 50% non-refundable retainer required to secure your seat. Your retainer may be transferred to a future Evoke Workshop within a rolling 12 months, should a situation arise that you are unable to attend your initial workshop preference. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the scheduled event. Thank you!




Two weeks ago, I was a nervous wreck. It was the day before Clickin Moms was to release my Breakout Session: The Beauty of Simplicity. After months and months of prepping, creating, filming, writing, compiling, designing and planning, there was nothing left for me to do but sit and wait. And out of ALL of those tasks- the sitting and waiting was probably the toughest part for me.

The Beauty of Simplicity is an inside-look at how I work with a client during a session. This eLearning material is in-depth and thorough with extended discussion on the four key elements involved in my shooting process: Location, Lighting, Interaction and Posing. I am a firm believer that beautiful images don’t have to be complicated, the real true beauty lies in simplicity. When working with a client, emphasis will always be on my client- not the location where we are shooting. Location and lighting still play a vital part in how I shoot- but the background won’t outshine the person in the picture.

Are you looking for a simplified approach to your shooting process and session workflow? Are you currently struggling with the common dilemma of moving from one location to another, yielding only a handful of images at each spot? Do you want to see locations in a whole new light and learn how to maximize them by only making small adjustments to your crop and angle, utilizing a simple method of flow-posing? Would you like to get multiple sellable images in one location, capturing a variety of expressions, without ever having to change any of your camera settings? Would you like to spend more time genuinely connecting with your client and less time focusing on your camera? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Beauty of Simplicity was created just for YOU.



  • 75+ page PDF loaded with content, tips, insight and imagery to keep you inspired
  • Behind-the-Scenes video and commentary where you will shadow me on a shoot with three clients (‘tween, teen and senior), working in the same location for each one
  • Posing Natural Hands video
  • Culling video
  • Editing Start to Finish video
  • Q&A video
  • Simple & Timeless Props PDF
  • 16×16 Chic Signature Template Set

The promo price of just $50 ends tomorrow! You don’t want to miss it!


“This breakout session has been amazing!! I loved reading through your PDF with all of the pictures, but the videos really stuck with me! I’m a hands on learner and watching you shoot has really shown me ways to improve. I love that I can use one location for so many different types of shots and not stress about finding several locations to travel to! Thank you for being so active in the [Clickin Moms] forum and so open to sharing your tips. Your photos are such an inspiration and I’m hoping that with your tips, I can really break into the senior market this year! Thank you so much!” – Traci Michelle Photography


“Holli’s ‘The Beauty of Simplicity’ breakout totally ROCKS! I am so grateful I found this breakout. Watching Holli’s video, along with her materials showing photos of the location, final images, and lots of tips and descriptions along the way has been so helpful. She has inspired me to spend more time in one location rather than running from place to place. And now I am seeing new possible locations everywhere, including small spaces I would never have considered before! Holli packed a LOT of practical tips as well as inspiration into one breakout. Her teaching style is warm, simple, and fun, and learning from Holli has given me a fresh boost of confidence. If you’re considering this breakout, go for it! Thank you, Holli!”Oriana Fowler

“I was hesitant to purchase because I normally do not shoot seniors. I have always been nervous about their location expectations and posing ideas. But since it promised Simplicity, I gave it a shot because I have worked “simplicity” into my brand, logo, and style. This breakout has helped me take these ideas a step further and really be confident with my decisions. It has also given me a desire to incorporate seniors into my portfolio. It has also helped me be more confident with my locations and realizing that the location doesn’t have to be glamorous in and of itself. THANK YOU HOLLI!!!” – Sarah Luzcak


“Holli, I confess- I have been a total [Clickin Moms] breakout junkie these past several months! With that said, I must say that you have truly, TRULY impressed me with how much you have been giving of yourself, not only in your videos and PDFs, but to every one in this forum. You are so quick to answer not only the big questions in the forum, but also the simple questions referring to tech issues! Might I add that YOU AREN’T EVEN TAGGED in the questions that are posted!! Yet, you still answer quickly, efficiently, and lovingly. For the first time, I feel as if you are a constant guide through this breakout, ready to tackle whatever questions or needs I may present you with. Although I am grateful for all the generous ladies who created each breakout I have had the privilege of learning from, I have not seen this type of generosity and guidance in my past live breakouts, so I just wanted to let you know how thankful and completely humbled I am as I watch from the side lines. Yes, I have learned an enormous amount of information from you through all of the material you have supplied….but, again, I am ultimately and incredibly humbled by you and the sacrifices you are making for all of us here. Thank you, Holli. I am forever grateful for your beautiful example!” – Bethany Grace

“Holli True’s breakout session “The Beauty of Simplicity” is fantastic! I am someone who loves simplicity, especially when it comes to portrait photography. One statement Holli made, resonated especially with me: “You want to highlight your client and show the best of them. The location is only secondary.” Oh.my.goodness – Holli expressed how I feel about portrait photography. I honestly feel like I was hearing a good friend explaining what is in my head. Holli’s breakout session “The Beauty of Simplicity” is the best investment I have made in a very long time. I know that I will refer to the accompanying PDF often.” – Iris Nelson


“Beautiful photography doesn’t have to be complicated. The real true beauty lies in simplicity.” This quote by Holli True embraces what this breakout is about and really spoke to me. I am a photographer who is at the very beginning of starting my business. I spent this last fall dragging families around parks thinking that the more variety in backgrounds I had, the better the session would be. I realized from this breakout that I was focusing on the wrong things. This breakout was exactly what I needed. Holli does such a great job of explaining how she approaches her sessions and pointing out important details that I never would have thought of. You get more than your money’s worth with all the materials that are offered. There were two bonus videos added near the end of the live breakout (in addition to the main video) and they were awesome! I can not wait to have my next session!” – Tracy Dumbauld

“I have purchased and invested time into about 6 breakout and I have to joyfully share that this is by far my favorite! I really found I had valuable takeaway that I can use immediately and with the gear and locations I’ve been working with! One thing I am guilty of and will now consciously work on is rushing from point a to point b in a location. I really need to slow down and make the most of the area I’m working in! I will post a few shots from previous shoots where you can see I get two maybe three poses, but now I know I can make out these spots and get at least 4-5 more. Thank you Holli!! As I was reading through the PDF I giggled several times and love your style! It’s nice to find a Breakout Session I totally can relate to and can put into practice! You have a new FANGIRL on your hands! Can’t wait to follow you on FB and see more of your work!”
– Katrina [Gianna Grace Photography]





Sarah shared her review for RECKLESS on Goodreads and it absolutely made my day! There is no greater feeling in the world than having someone love something that you poured your heart and soul into. Sarah, thank you so, so much for your review and for loving Hailey & Jonah as much as I do! ;)

Reckless, a novel by Holli TrueThis is how you do a new adult book, I am utterly floored at just how enjoyable it was and by how much I’ve fallen for this story. I’m often a little dubious about picking up a new adult book of this kind to read, so often the synopsis for it has me hooked but then once I start getting in to it there just isn’t enough oomph in it to keep me there and I’ll be wishing the pages would go quicker. This book is the complete opposite of that and I am beyond happy that I took a gamble on this one because I’m totally in love.

Reckless is the story of Hailey, college student and book worm and of Jonah, man of mystery. Hailey is the kind of girl who would rather spend her time curled up reading on her sofa rather than out partying with her dorm mate, Shayne, and exactly the kind of girl that everyone wants as a friend. She’s easy going, non judgemental and always supportive. She is easy to love and identify with.

When love is no longer hinged on a choice, there is nothing left to do but accept it. Because it wasn’t a decision that caused me to fall in love with her, it was simply being with her. Holding her. Knowing her. 

Jonah comes in to Hailey’s life after meeting at a frat party and they instantly seem to be two kindred spirits. Without wanting to give too much away about him and who he is all I will admit is that I couldn’t stop myself from adoring him. Although he seemed to be too good to be true sometimes I also could never doubt that he was always being honest and truthful and I never worried that he was suddenly going to be hiding all sorts of dark and damaging secrets or deceptions.

This book has been a total gem to come across. I loved all the characters, especially Hailey’s mother but also the suitably skin crawling Matt and Ethan, and the way that the love story between Hailey and Jonah is played out. Yes they fall in to almost instant love but then because of the main heart of the story being that Jonah is just made for Hailey, it just works. The mystery of who and what exactly Jonah is thrilled me, I love trying to solve a puzzle of a character and I loved how it isn’t instantly just revealed too early on, there’s nothing as fun as trying to piece hints together and then waiting to see if you’re right. The only character that I ever had an issue with was Shayne. When she pushed Hailey to forgive Matt she never seemed to fathom that there was more to the situation that she knew. I would like to think that if my best friend has cause to not forgive someone for something then I would trust their judgement without needing them to explain why and certainly without nagging them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the excerpt for book two, Breathless, that is given at the end has got me so excited to read the continuation of Hailey and Jonahs story. A beautiful love story told with great tenderness and emotion, thank you so much to Holli True for allowing me a copy of this to read, I am eternally grateful to have discovered your work.

“If you aren’t ready to move on, then don’t. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or if they understand the way you feel. Listen to what your heart is telling you, always lead with that.”



Host a Holli True Workshop in YOUR area!2015 has started off with a BANG for us here at HTP Headquarters! With the release of my Breakout Session, The Beauty of Simplicity, with Clickin Moms and the Evoke Mentorship kicking off next month, I am so, so pumped to fill you all in on another big announcement! There have been a number of you asking to host a workshop in your town, which has been so incredible. And I want you all to know that I’m listening. Due to the number of requests I’ve received, I’ve decided to schedule a handful of group workshops in 2015! Who knows, I might even come to your area!

To make this happen, I need you. Yes, you. When traveling for workshops, I have found that the key to it’s success is having a solid hostess. As the hostess, you will assist me with all of the fun details as we plan the 2 day workshop event. It will require you to do a lot of the ground work in your area, since I won’t be able to be there until the workshop event takes place. Nothing too crazy, just location scouting, recruiting models, gathering needed materials and other fun tasks. If you love to plan and find joy in the details, you will be perfect as a hostess! You will also need to help me promote the workshop through your social media and website outlets. I will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials, so no worries! I will also promote the workshop on my end. Together, we will ensure that it is a fabulous, memorable and fun learning event for all!

Host a Holli True Workshop in YOUR area!

And don’t worry, being a hostess isn’t all work and no play! There are a ton of perks, including a complimentary workshop seat, bonus learning materials and other hostess goodies! Think you’ve got what it takes? Don’t wait! I’ll only be scheduling a limited number of traveling workshops for 2015, get your location on the map before it’s too late! Interested in hosting a workshop in your area? Contact me for more details!

Host a Holli True Workshop in YOUR area!