Body Language Posing Video + PDF Guide

Body Language Posing Video + PDF Guide by High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True

If you ask most photographers what their biggest struggle is, they will likely have the same response: posing. This seems to be a common issue among photographers at all stages of their business, from beginner to established. Body Language is a Posing Video + PDF Bundle that goes step-by-step through the posing process. This isn’t just a series of posing examples to emulate, although it is loaded with visual inspiration. Body Language focuses on how to pose, starting with a solid foundation and working your way up. If you struggle with posing, Body Language was created just for you.

My journey with photography started ten years ago, which doesn’t even seem possible. Having been in art classes my entire life, I craved an outlet for my creativity. Photography wasn’t a medium I had ever explored, so it was new territory for me. I fell in love hard and fast and soon found myself consumed with a passion to grow as a photographer. I also grew a major craving to learn everything I could about it. Pulling from my understanding of how the human body moves, thanks to years and countless hours of sketching and sculpting in Life Study and Advanced Art classes. “Learn the lines, see the light, embrace the shadow.” Words forever etched into my memory.

I believe that posing is an art that anyone can master. You just have to learn the lines, create curves and continually mold and rework your piece of art. Body Language is a passion project that I have poured my heart and soul into. It is the blueprint of my brain when I am working with a client. Every step of my posing process is included within the pages of this guide and the companion video. My hope is that you will fall in love with the posing process and become a Master of Body Language.

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If you’re looking for something hands-on, be sure to check out our upcoming POSING WORKSHOP, happening on June 3rd, 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. This is a day-long event that will include in-depth instruction, a live demo and the opportunity to implement everything you learn during a photo shoot with 5 models. Space is limited to just 15 photographers. Learn more HERE.

Body Language Posing Video + PDF Guide by High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli TrueBody Language Posing Video + PDF Guide by High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli TrueBody Language Posing Video + PDF Guide by High School Senior Portrait Photographer, Holli True

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