One Location, Four Poses

Flow-Posing Tutorial for senior photographers, one location, four poses by Holli True

I am so excited to announce a new feature on the blog: One Location, Four Poses. When I work with a senior client, I like to find a location with beautiful light and work the space to capture multiple shots. When I choose an area, I know in advance that I will spend a decent amount of time there. Because of this, I am very strategic about the locations I choose to shoot in. Light is always the number one factor. When it comes to photography, good light is absolutely vital.

For this series of shots, the location was very simple: a field of tall grass with tons of mature trees in the background. These photos were taken a few hours before sunset, so the sun was low on the horizon, but not setting completely. The grass was so tall, it practically reached up to my client’s shoulders. To keep the grass from taking over the shot, I kept her close to edge of the field. This gave her room to move, since the grass wasn’t as thick. It also allowed me to move around, as needed, to capture a few different angles.

For each pose, I aim to change at least three things. It doesn’t have to be the same three things each time, that’s just something I always try to do. It could be their hands, feet, shoulders, hair, chin, expression, or how they are standing. Sometimes it’s me that changes. I can adjust my angle, perspective, crop, or the lens I am shooting with. The key is taking the time to change something, so it doesn’t look like the same exact pose, over and over again. As you can see, the posing in this set of images is very minimal. While the location remained the same, the images each offer something unique.

Flow-Pose Tutorial for senior photographers, one location, four poses by Holli TrueBeautiful flow-posing tutorial for senior photographers, one location, four poses by Holli TrueFlow-Posing Tutorial for senior photographers, one location, four poses by Holli True


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