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    a strong desire to travel and explore the world.
    “a man consumed by wanderlust”

Wanderlust. The perfect word to define how my head feels these days. A constant state of wandering and exploration in a fictional world that I am trying to bring to life, while simultaneously existing in this world. Balancing the two is proving to be the biggest challenge I am being faced with. Being fully present in my world when my friends in the other world want to come out to play and have their story told. Sometimes they literally take over my head, as though it is their own place to dominate. That may sound a bit crazy, but to all my fellow authors out there, you know exactly what I am talking about. When you take on the task of writing a novel, or any story for that matter, your head is no longer your own. You share it with your protagonists.

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I am just going to come right out and say it. I am thoroughly consumed by all things Hailey and Jonah these days. Ask my husband. Ask my family. Ask my friends. Thankfully, they all know that I am rounding the final lap of this year-long marathon I have been running- I’m in the home stretch. A few weeks ago I had the awesome (and crazy) notion to tackle finishing the first draft by my birthday. At the time, I had 2 months to do so. Now I am sitting here with just over 4 weeks to go and I am slightly nervous I may been a little overzealous with my goal. I guess we’ll find out in 4 weeks, won’t we?

Back to the point- I am obnoxiously consumed with my current WIP (work in progress), Reckless. On more than one occasion, I have managed to interject a random thought, plot twist, conversation topic or future scene into the conversations I have with my hubby. Thank goodness, because he knows and loves me, he has accepted this new routine and is very patient with me about the whole thing. His willingness to talk through all of the chaos in my brain is exactly what I need to make sense of it all.  


With only five chapters remaining, I am in a very interesting crossroads. Reckless will be the first book in a series, my current task is wrapping this novel up all nice and pretty while still building a bigger storyline to keep readers interested and committed to reading the future novels to follow. It’s been a bit of a head scratcher for me, trying to find a way to successfully pull it off. After months of mentally planning various endings, something incredible happened this morning. I woke up with a new idea and with it came a variety of options, all of which fully support my end goal and compliment what has already been written within the first 17 chapters of Reckless. Um, booyah! Now it’s just a matter of getting everything on paper and then a whole phase begins… Editing.

I have a lot of fun things planned and I would love for YOU to be a part of it! Be sure to keep coming back to this site, as I will be blogging more details about the process of writing a novel and venturing into the world of self publishing- and follow me on my FB Author Page! Also, because I am a photographer, I am currently planning some KILLER shoots that are scenes straight out of the book, as well as a top secret concept shoot that I can’t even discuss yet! In addition to all of that, I will also be holding a cover shoot soon! So many awesome things happening, I can barely keep up! Thank you so much for your continued support! Much love!!







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