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Sarah shared her review for RECKLESS on Goodreads and it absolutely made my day! There is no greater feeling in the world than having someone love something that you poured your heart and soul into. Sarah, thank you so, so much for your review and for loving Hailey & Jonah as much as I do! ;)

Reckless, a novel by Holli TrueThis is how you do a new adult book, I am utterly floored at just how enjoyable it was and by how much I’ve fallen for this story. I’m often a little dubious about picking up a new adult book of this kind to read, so often the synopsis for it has me hooked but then once I start getting in to it there just isn’t enough oomph in it to keep me there and I’ll be wishing the pages would go quicker. This book is the complete opposite of that and I am beyond happy that I took a gamble on this one because I’m totally in love.

Reckless is the story of Hailey, college student and book worm and of Jonah, man of mystery. Hailey is the kind of girl who would rather spend her time curled up reading on her sofa rather than out partying with her dorm mate, Shayne, and exactly the kind of girl that everyone wants as a friend. She’s easy going, non judgemental and always supportive. She is easy to love and identify with.

When love is no longer hinged on a choice, there is nothing left to do but accept it. Because it wasn’t a decision that caused me to fall in love with her, it was simply being with her. Holding her. Knowing her. 

Jonah comes in to Hailey’s life after meeting at a frat party and they instantly seem to be two kindred spirits. Without wanting to give too much away about him and who he is all I will admit is that I couldn’t stop myself from adoring him. Although he seemed to be too good to be true sometimes I also could never doubt that he was always being honest and truthful and I never worried that he was suddenly going to be hiding all sorts of dark and damaging secrets or deceptions.

This book has been a total gem to come across. I loved all the characters, especially Hailey’s mother but also the suitably skin crawling Matt and Ethan, and the way that the love story between Hailey and Jonah is played out. Yes they fall in to almost instant love but then because of the main heart of the story being that Jonah is just made for Hailey, it just works. The mystery of who and what exactly Jonah is thrilled me, I love trying to solve a puzzle of a character and I loved how it isn’t instantly just revealed too early on, there’s nothing as fun as trying to piece hints together and then waiting to see if you’re right. The only character that I ever had an issue with was Shayne. When she pushed Hailey to forgive Matt she never seemed to fathom that there was more to the situation that she knew. I would like to think that if my best friend has cause to not forgive someone for something then I would trust their judgement without needing them to explain why and certainly without nagging them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the excerpt for book two, Breathless, that is given at the end has got me so excited to read the continuation of Hailey and Jonahs story. A beautiful love story told with great tenderness and emotion, thank you so much to Holli True for allowing me a copy of this to read, I am eternally grateful to have discovered your work.

“If you aren’t ready to move on, then don’t. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or if they understand the way you feel. Listen to what your heart is telling you, always lead with that.”


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