1-on-1 workshop on high school senior portrait photography with Holli True in Eugene, Oregon

Young & Free with Kristen | In-Person Mentoring with Holli True

The final days of summer are upon us and I don’t know about you, but I am trying to soak up every ounce of sunshine I possibly can. One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is with senior sessions and if you follow us on Instagram, you know we’ve been doing a ton of celebrating! :) Fall is also a beautiful time of year for senior pictures in Oregon. If you’re senior, still looking for the ultimate senior portrait experience, there’s stillClick for more »

Young & Free with Bailey | 1-on-1 Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True

Hello friends! Some amazing and exciting things are happening at the YF Headquarters (aka my home office) this week and I can’t wait to let you all in the know! We’ll be sending out a newsletter next week with a BIG announcement regarding a workshop opportunity for this fall! Want in the details? Be sure to sign up for the monthly YF Newsletter– there’s a special little perk for our subscribers, so don’t miss out on that! We were quiteClick for more »

Senior pictures in a natural park with Oregon senior photographer, Holli True,, showcasing a variety of poses .

Anna | Eugene Oregon Senior Photography

If you follow us on Instagram (and if don’t- you should!), then you know we’ve been shooting senior sessions like crazy the past couple of weeks! It’s hard to believe that this is just the start of the senior season and we still have several months to go! :) While it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, photographing my amazing and beautiful clients has been a lovely way to spend the final days of summer. And let me tell you, these girls are bringingClick for more »

Behind the scenes at the Evoke Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True

Evoke Senior Photography Workshops for 2016

Yesterday I recapped our Evoke Senior Photography Workshop in Detroit, Michigan (click here in case you missed it), today I am so excited to share some exciting news about our 2016 workshops! We’ve received a TON of emails and messages about where we’ll be taking our workshops in 2016- to those of you who’ve reached out- THANK YOU! Your excitement and kind words mean the world to me and have inspired us to get the ball rolling early for next year!Click for more »

Behind the scenes at the Evoke Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True

Evoke Senior Photography Workshop Recap

It feels like only yesterday that I was boarding my flight to Detroit, Michigan for the Evoke Workshop– it’s crazy to think that ten weeks have already passed! It doesn’t even seem possible! What an amazing whirlwind of a trip it was and what an incredible group of talented photographers attended the event. The Detroit Evoke Workshop was a two day event filled with business essentials: branding, marketing, pricing, senior model programs and so muchClick for more »

Oregon high school senior portrait photographer, Holli True, photographs Class of 2016 student, Amarie, for her urban and natural senior pictures.

Amarie | Eugene Oregon Senior Photography

As a senior photographer, each year, I have the opportunity to work with high school senior girls from all over the state of Oregon. Let me tell you, the Class of 2016 is setting the bar at new heights. So far, judging from what I’ve seen, this is one incredibly bright, motivated, amazing class and I am so, so excited for what the future holds for each one them- and what they hold for the future. They are young. They are free. They are amazing. When I first metClick for more »


Young & Free with Corey | Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True

Senior Season also happens to be Workshop Season here in the PNW, simply because Fall and Winter typically means rain, wind and wintery mix. Of course, with how dry and hot Oregon has been in 2015, it’s hard to remember what rain even feels like anymore. ;) This year has been filled with various workshops- both group and individual- spanning from Oregon to Michigan, which has been so much fun! I am so excited that we have a group Evoke Workshop happening onClick for more »


Happy Monday! I hope you’re all soaking up as much of the summer sun as you possibly can, while it lasts! Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Jamie Dalton of BP4U Photography Resources, who asked if I was interested in being featured on their blog. Of course, I was absolutely honored and so excited for the incredible opportunity, I eagerly jumped at the chance to collaborate with them. They requested that I write up an article with tips to share with theirClick for more »

Evoke Education for Photographers with Holli True | Workshops & Mentoring for Senior Portrait Photographers

Young & Free with Hadley | Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True

We’ve been a little (or a lot) workshop crazy here at the YF Headquarters. From 1-on-1 workshops to group events spanning from Oregon to Michigan. Needless to say, it has been non-stop fun and chaos- and I’ve been loving every single minute of it! ;) I’ve offered various educational opportunities to photographers since 2010, both individually through online mentoring and in-person for a 1-on-1 or in a group environment. Evoke Education forClick for more »

Country-inspired Senior Pictures with Central Oregon high school senior portrait photographer, Holli True, in Bend at a natural park with Class of 2016 Senior Model, Madie.


Hey friends of the internet, today I am so excited to introduce you to Madie! She’s one of our AMAZING Class of 2016 Senior Models for the Young & Free! We have quite the team of girls this year, I feel so fortunate that our crew of 24 chose to represent our business and be the face of our company. Our team is quite unique, as we have Senior Models in various towns and cities across the state, which gives us the opportunity to work with clients from all overClick for more »

Country-inspired Senior Pictures with Central Oregon high school senior portrait photographer, Holli True, in Bend at a natural park.

2016 Senior Model: Edie | Bend Senior Photographer

Happy Friday!! I successfully managed to blog five days this week- which is a major triumph, if you ask me- especially considering all of the chaos the end of the school year has brought to our family! ;) With any luck, I’ll be able to continue this blogging trend and get back on track with having constant content posted here! I have a huge backlog of posts to share, don’t be surprised if you see some weekend posts coming your way, too. In case you missedClick for more »

Eugene Senior Photography 1-on-1 Workshop with Holli True | Senior Photography for the Young & Free

Young & Free with Adrienne | 1-on-1 Photography Workshop

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Chelsea Taylor, an amazing photographer from Kansas, who travelled up to Oregon for a 1-on-1 Workshop with me. I’ve offered 1-on-1 education opportunities for a few years now and I absolutely love them. It’s a unique teaching scenario, as it’s focused whole-heartedly on the individual attendee, which allows us to dig deep and tap into specific topics, catered around their needs. We spend the entireClick for more »

Molly | Class of 2015 | Bend Senior Photography

Happy Wednesday, Internet Friends! If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have been posting sneak peeks like a mad woman. Between all of the shoots with my AMAZING 2016 Senior Model Team and the number of 1-on-1 and Evoke Workshops I have been teaching, I am literally drowning in edits- which is truly a beautiful thing. I am so stoked about all of the gorgeousness I have to share and I hope you are, too! Be sure to connect with us behind the scenes by following us onClick for more »

Oregon senior portrait photographer for the Young & Free, Holli True, photographs Class of 2015 high school senior, Phoebe, in downtown Corvallis. Dancer senior pictures.

Phoebe | Class of 2015 | Corvallis Senior Photographer

Summer break is just around the corner (literally in, like, two days!) and soon my quiet house will be filled with the sound of my kiddos voices and laughter. Our family absolutely LOVES summer and everything that it stands for. Lounging by the pool, extended weekends for camping trips to the beach and mountains, exploring our glorious state, warm summer nights by our fire pit and simple times together. Oh, and of course, Big Brother– because I wait ALL YEAR LONGClick for more »

Eugene Senior Photography Workshop with Holli True | Senior Photography for the Young & Free

Evoke Senior Photography Workshop | Summer 2015

EVOKE SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP a 1 day senior photography event with Holli True [ESSENTIAL DETAILS] Location: Eugene, OR When: August 27, 2015 Workshop Investment: $595 Seats Limited: Maximum of 9 attendees per workshop, to ensure a personal, hands-on learning experience {WHY EVOKE?} Because this workshop was designed just for YOU. I’m pulling back the veil on my business, taking you behind the scenes on a photo shoot so you can learn exactly how I shoot andClick for more »