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Dear Internet, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I never intended to fall silent on this blog and while it gives the appearance that I have fallen from the face of the Earth- let me assure you, this is not the case. Truth is, I have been SLAMMED working on Reckless. When I last blogged, I still had 4 chapters to write- and meeting my deadline of May 19th was looking a little grim. Or, very grim, if you will.


But then something magical happened. I. Wrote. My. Book!!! With 10 days to spare, at that! I still can’t believe it. But it happened. I wrote Reckless. 400+ glorious pages of Hailey & Jonah. (My hubby, Jeff, snapped this picture of me minutes after I finished writing Reckless, when I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear or crying due to the overwhelming emotions I was consumed with!)

The first part of this week was spent working on first-round revisions. On Wednesday I started printing 5 copies of Reckless and I have been distributing the folders out to my incredible test readers. And now. with only 2 more to deliver, I am waiting on pins and needles to start receving feedback, which is something I am both eagerly anticipating and fearfully dreading. After spending a year and a half bringing Reckless to fruition, the idea of people not liking the story is quite daunting. But, I know that it isn’t a book for everyone and there is no possible way to satisfy everyone’s reading preference.

Bottom line, I accomplished what I set out to do: I wrote a novel. Love it or leave it, I did it. And I am beyond thrilled to have finally achieved a dream that I have been chasing since my childhood. Eek!

Awhile back I wrote a post about Hailey Covington, one of my main characters. One of the questions I get asked about most is what they look like. Something I am sure most writers do is mentally casting their characters with real-life people. If you didn’t see who I picture for Hailey, be sure to check out that post! For Jonah, we are going to play the same guessing game! I want to know who YOU picture as Jonah, based off the details I am providing for you- post your guesses here!

Mister Jonah Trabor is in his early twenties. He’s tall with a muscular build. His hair is light brown and tends to be disheveled in all the right ways. He has a square-shaped face, strong, chiseled jaw and perfect mouth that Hailey can’t seem to stop looking at- especially when he smirks at her. His eyes are hazel/green and he has a hooded brow line.

So… with these vital stats, who do you see as Jonah? Post your answers here or on the Facebook Page! I would absolutely love to know who you have in mind! I will post the reveal on the blog on Monday! XO!!

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