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Here he is! My Jonah Trabor male Muse, the one and only, Mister Paul Wesley. There weren’t a ton of guesses for him- however, there was a person on the FB page that guessed right away- and that made my day! From the very start, I have always seen Paul as Jonah.  I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries FanGirl, more than that- I absolutely love Stefan Salvatore- so you can imagine why I chose him. (PS- Can I just throw in that the Season 5 finale was insane! WTF?!)

When you think about Jonah, I want you to picture a guy who is brawny, athletic and handsome. In so many words, physically, Jonah is cut. He has short, brown hair that is a bit longer on top and generally disheveled, his eyes are hazel/gold/green. His most perfect feature is his delicious mouth and strong jawline. Jonah isn’t the overwhelming gorgeous type that is so often depicted, however, he is very handsome- and his killer personality only makes him more attractive. He is a bit guarded and secretive- it takes awhile for him to fully reveal his inner-self to others.  And even though he is typically collected and cool, he is also passionate and emotionally charged, protective and can get a little extreme.

I am currently awaiting feedback from my test readers, which is one of the final phases before releasing Reckless to the public (EEK!!), I will have an official release date soon! Now that you know who I have envisioned for both Hailey & Jonah, you can see them just as I have seen them all these months.

So, what are your thoughts on my adorable couple? Can you see it? Let’s chat about it! Give me your opinions & feedback, I would love to hear from you and spark a conversation! XO!

Reckless Novel by Holli True | Meet Jonah

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